We did it!  We finally set a date, time and location.  Now what?  Well helpfully the wait isn't to long and however you choose to use your time from now till then is exactly what the universe wants for you. 

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Further Instructions, Information Etc...

Location:  If we've made it this far, then the address has been exchanged and the travel plans are either arranged or in motion. 

In calls:  Please show up on time but not too early and be kind to let Me know through email at if you are going to be 10-15 minutes or later to the scheduled appointment time.  All in call locations will have access to a shower. 

Portland Oregon Studio HERE

Manhattan New York Studio HERE

Out calls:  When in New York City and touring I do ask the host, that's you, to provide a paid car transportation to and from the out call location.  I do not ask for compensation for out calls in the Portland area.  However, I would never turn away gas money.


Appearance:  Please be freshly showered with no heavy colognes and/or other scented products.  Please be wearing activity and location appropriate attire.  I will also be appropriately dressed and freshly showered.      

Payment:  In an unsealed envelope, please have the remaining cost of session, in cash with you at the time of the appointment.  Please place the unsealed envelope in a visible spot on the counter for Me to see before we begin.  Unless we have prearranged payment 

*I thank you, a head of time.  


Rescheduling:  If for some reason we have to reschedule, the deposit is transferable and refundable if we can't find another date/time that will work for the both of us.  However, if you cancel within 24 hours or less OR are a no show, the deposit is non-refundable.  

Find My calendar HERE