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A true renaissance woman...

Alternative Lifestylist, Spiritual Gangsta, Tattooed Goddess, Shamanatrix, Mystic,

Single Parent, Female Athlete/UltraRunner, Entrepreneur, Shapeshifter, Urban Guru, Outdoor Lover, Artist in all Mediums, Writer, Model/Actor, Erotic Dancer, Foodie, Traveler,Cannabis Geek, Puppy Mama, Kinkster, Classic Car Enthusiast, Educator, Producer, Somatic Practitioner, An Intuitive Messenger/Healer/Leader,

and A Proud Member of the Alphabet Mafia.









This cheeky Mistress has been lived a queer, kinky, unorthodox lifestyle in the realm of BDSM and non-monogamy before having the words for it.  Monday Jones has a lifetime of experience, knowledge and education in the world of holistic techniques, western medicine and spirituality.  She a Somatic Practitioner that has developed her own style of somatic therapy.  She blends Reiki, Sexology, bodywork, plant medicine, tantric, holistic hip & pelvic care, talk therapy, fitness, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness, psychic empathy and Female lead BDSM as a Shamanatix. 

Monday Jones expresses her esoteric craft not only through her somatic practice but also in an array of artistic mediums as an adult entertainer, fetish producer and author of A Dating MIstress.  Owning her own kinky queer production company since 2016; Hard Points has given an outlet to share her photography, short films, written erotica, host adult events and thrive as a taboo public performer.  

Monday has openly provided specialized counsel to the community with one to one and group settings, offering in person, hands-on and virtual sessions and/or teachings as a professional sex Goddess for over the last decade.  

Ms. Monday Jones is truly a modern day renaissance woman and talented light & shadow worker that does not ignore the element of sex but utilizes it as a tool for ultimate transformation.

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