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Kink &
Female-Led BDSM

I am a 24/7 Lifestyle/Professional Shamanatrix.  I see D/s & S/M as a way of life, kink & taboo a form of play and Fetish & BDSM as a form of therapy that has personally helped Me created a quality of life that I don't have to escape from.  With a safe space and a judgment free atmosphere, I want to welcome you to My D/s, S/M, BDSM world of Kink, Fetish and Taboo.


Shamanatrix Ms. Monday Jones

Side Notes:

1.  I offer one and done sessions, long distance, short and long term arrangements.

2.  I do have friends and We do like to play together.  Ask about duos or group sessions.

3.  Check out My list of interests on My Fetlife profile HERE.

4.  Yes, I do provide consensual filming durning our time together.

5.  I do have access to dungeon settings in NYC, PDX and most touring locations.

6.  Combo sessions are available BUT always to My discretion AND tribute may vary.

7.  I DO NOT bottom/submit.

8.  Serious inquiries only.


A Shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America.  They heal through spiritual means and may consequently improve the human condition by bringing about restored health for all.  


Atrix from the word Dominatrix, which is a dominant woman.

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