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Dog Adventures

I've never really been without a dog in my life, real and/or human pup.  Every dog story brings tears to my eyes and delight to my heart.  I have a special love for the canine spirit.  To show my joy for dogs, I offer my community dog adventures, with walks, runs, trails, and pet sitting at my place.  


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*My services & rates are for both  

 Real 4 Legged Pups & Human Pups



15  minute              $12

30 minute              $18

60 minute              $26 

 $3 for additional dog

    Trail Adventures       

2-3 hours               $45


 $5 for additional dog

            Dog Park

60 minute               $32

$3 for additional dog

           Pet sitting


       1/2 day             $12  

       Full day           $24        

Overnight              $50

 $3 for additional dog

"I don't care where we run, as long as I can run with you."

My Love for Dogs...

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