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Long distance running is a deep passion of mine and a sport I've been participating in all my life starting in grade school.  When running I feel like I'm a messenger of some kind and every step is a prayer.  And  

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Ultra Runner Podcast

At the end of 2018 I was lucky enough to be a guest on Ultra Runner Podcast.

Crossing America 

I know I have the will and ambition for an incredible journey run like running across the United States of American.  I am preparing myself to be ready within the next five years and no later then 2025 to run across the US.

Besides maintaining good health and training, I will also need funding for such an endeavor.  If you would like to support my aspirations, I invite you to visit my "fund me" page on my Manyvids. Thank you!

Road to Zion 100 Miler

Zion 100 Miler 2017

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Light & Shadow Worker, 

 Alternative Lifestyle Coach & 


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