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Ultra Running

I Heart Running

Long distance running is a deep passion of mine and a sport I've been participating in all my life starting in grade school.  When running I feel like I'm a messenger of some kind and every step is a prayer.  And  

If you would like to follow, support or maybe join me along my foot adventures,

I invite you!   


Road to Zion 100 Miler

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Ultra Runner Podcast

At the end of 2018 I was lucky enough to be a guest on Ultra Runner Podcast.

Crossing America 

I know I have the will and ambition for an incredible journey run like running across the United States of American.  I would like to think I'll be prepared to be ready within the next five years and no later then 2030 to run across the US.

Besides maintaining good health and training, I will also need funding for such an endeavor.  If you would like to support my aspirations, I invite you to visit my "fund me" page on my Manyvids. Thank you!

Zion 100 Miler 2017

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