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Booking Inquiry

Your inquiry means a lot to Me and I'm looking forward to connecting more with you soon.  Please take the time to read the information below and proceed to the contact form.


*For returning and/or established clientele, please email Me at 

**Disclaimer:  I am a face person.  Not a name person.  If you and I have seen one another in the past, please give Me a gentle reminder, thank you.


For New Inquires, Continue...

I know I have a niche; I don't offer a 'cookie cutter' approach.  I embrace a large spectrum and depth in My style.  My diverse skill set offers a variety of ways to create just the right time for us.  

Our time together is always consensual, discrete and safe.  With open dialogue, we will discuss what to expect from the experience.  Please keep in mind that the level of intimacy shared is at My discretion -- it should never be expected -- and I always keep safety in mind.

I want to work with people that are called to work with Me.  ​​I understand My magic is not for everyone. Nor is everyone for Me.  Please do not reach out to Me blindly.  Take a moment to do some research before requesting time together.   I want to make sure I resonate with you.     

Frequently Asked Questions HERE

Don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions.

All are welcome.

Returning and/or established clientele:  Please email Me to book a date/time/location at  

New inquires:  Please continue to the contact form below.

*** Remember all shared time together is with discretion and mutually consensual.  Consent is Sexy!   


Let's Connect

*Allow 48hrs for Reply


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Thank you!

*If you have not heard back from Me within 48 hours after your inquiry, before reaching out again please check spam folder.   Then directly go through My email if no reply.  The email address is:  

Thank you!

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