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A Dating Mistress: Summer Solstice 2019

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


Summer is finally here! My favorite! This year I celebrated the solstice by hosting a Strawberry Full Moon Summer Solstice Gathering, 'A Kinky Solstice'. It was the perfect way to acknowledge the seasonal transition and fun to share my traditions. We all met at my studio in Southeast Portland to bring gifts for blessing water and things to charge on a shrine. We ate, we talked, we smoked joints with services provided by my human ashtray. I guided the group in a card reading, that we all shared out loud with one another.

We tasted fresh strawberries and local honey from a willing human platter and wrapped up the evening under the full moon with a fire ceremony. A wonderful ritual and meditation of letting go of unwanted things and calling in the stuff desired. It was an honor to provide space for these practices and looking forward to sharing my rituals again.

I've been asking myself 'what does my community need?' and 'how can I help my community and industry?' This summer I've decided to host community round table discussions, a 420 group runs and a few other small events. I've also made a leap in my activism in sex work and the adult industry. I'm publicly becoming an advocate for The Cupcake Girls. I'm moving forward on supporting and healing my industry. I'm also, hoping to get more involved with Pineapple Support as I blaze this new trail.

In addition, I received a call from a friend this month, letting me know they are running for Mayor of Portland, OR and pre-campaigning. We chatted for over an hour and after we hung up, I felt hopeful, excited and ready to sign up for any hands on I could do for their campaign. I've always held a special place for politics. I'm thinking it would be a fun adventure to experience and support. You never know, maybe I could be apart of local change...

Summers in the Pacific Northwest are lusty green, full of outrageously long days, and warm nights under clear skies with the occasional views of the Northern Lights. Summer is full of passion, heat and sun kissed skin. If I could have it my way, it would be summer all year long. I'm totally a PNW snow bird, as some would call it.

However, this last winter I decided to stay closer to home base filled with lots of east coast travel. Don't get me wrong, those visits to New York City hold a lot of value to where I am today but I did miss out on my annual leave to Sydney AU and Maui HI. I won't be doing that again. The dark, wet, cold PNW winters are not my thing. I get way too depressed and honestly, they make me want to slit my wrists. Let's say me flying south for our shitty Pacific Northwest winters, is my mental health care. Seasonal effective disorder is real.

So far this summer has been, full of all sorts of things and of course Mistressing. I had a 2nd date with an attorney at a vegan cheese shop. Very Portland and very delicious. Not sure about a 3rd just yet but I'm the type that likes to give things at least 3 tries. Speaking of 3, my 3rd date with a (*cough) young entrepreneur flew me to DC. Yep! Washington DC. Now that's a date and he didn't give a shit if I worked while I was there. Double yay!

I have also realized, I'm in this wonderful love affair with myself. And that I've created a life I don't have to escape from. That is a fucking beautiful thing! I hope to teach others how to do the same for themselves.

However with me not having a constant partner, it really feels like I'm doing a shit ton of self domination. I definitely see the value in this and starting to feel like it is the Ultimate Domination. It's as if I'm finding my own voice as a Mistress. I'm my own leading lady.

I decided in my ritual at the solstice gathering to let go of doubt, continue to build up confidence, call in my passions and motivation for success with my true calling/s.

With that being said, an updated website is coming soon, that will represent my next chapter in my work. In the meantime I'm going to dominate myself in the next phase of my ultra running, the continued efforts in breaking stigmas, parenting the next generation, dating myself, providing to my community/industry, and of course, I can't forget, Mistressing...


Find out more about the Roundtable Discussions, 420 Group Run Summer Series & other events by Following Me on my social medias & checking out my Calendar

Photos by G & S Photography IG @grown.n.sexi

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