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A Dating Mistress: Fall Equinox 2023

Updated: Sep 27, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


Yes, it's true. It's time to retire the almost 5 year era of A Dating Mistress. Just like I stated in the blog post before this A Dating Mistress: Summer '23 Part 2. The person that started writing this blog series doesn't even exist anymore. It feels like it's a good time to transition My writing topic.

I've given this some thought. AND I've decided to give My fan base and the series till My 44th birthday before saying good bye, good bye. Which is on January 26th. So, yeah expect this to come to and end at the begging of 2024. It's cool, you'll all survive. Plus, I don't thing I can just stop writing. The writing just needs to be something different, now that I'm My Lead Role...

I'm still not sure if My writing is going to be blogging. A big part of Me thinks I'll keep some sort of a blog going. I'm just not sure how frequent I'll post. OR what to title it. All I know is, it's time to say good bye to the old. That's really the only way the new has room to move in.

OFF SUBJECT: Isn't that a lovely picture and a killer hair do? By the way, I slept with the man that gave Me this hair cut at the begging of the summer. I know, I didn't speak of him till now but it wasn't really relevant, I guess till now. Anyhow, shortly have I slept with him I decided I to stop having sex for free.

No, it wasn't because the sex was bad. I gave up "bad sex" in My 20's. It was more of Me fully stepping into My ownership of Self. I've always thought " Self domination is the ultimate domination." Anyways, properly after making that major shift of 'No more sex for FREE', is when I started to really feel the evaporation of My seeking heart energy. To the current state of mind/feeling 'No lack in My life'. HA! It was more like an 'eye opening' sex I experienced with My barber.

So um theres' that. I'm not having sex for free. However, not really sure if I ever have had sex for free. There is a "cost" to everything...

I was pondering titles for the next blog series. I came up with 'The Mystic', OR 'The Shamanatrix', OR maybe 'The Goddess'. Not sure, thou. One thing I do know this white dress, make Me feel like a Greek Goddess. I resonate the most with the greek goddess Artemis; the Goddess of the hunt, protector of the forest and child birth.

I also thought, I might just take a break from blogging for a moment and focus on writing some other stuff. I'm still finalizing a script for a short film I wish to shoot in Spring of 2024. AND tour with in 2025. I have a graphic novel that's been sitting on the back burn that I would love to resurrect. I've wanted to write a few story/standup comedy shows, OR a lecture/speech for a Ted Talk. OR activist writing...

Fuck, maybe not writing at all for a moment. Focus on other things. Relax into this new evolved Self. Reminisce a little about the past to appreciate how far I've refined and matured. Then perhaps plant some seeds for where I desire to Lead. BUT yeah MOSTLY just sit in the present because I hear that's where to BE.

This fall equinox I became a puppy mama to number 3 with our newest furry baby Judahs Blair. He's delivery to his new home was on September 22nd at 9 weeks old. Judahs came from a Lady Gaga song (My 14 year olds pick). Blair was the middle name of a childhood neighborhood/school friend of Mine. He recently die, three days after a his 44th birthday. I believe it was liver failure due to drinking.

My friend and I lived blocks away from each other. Even had the same neighborhood crew of friends in Issaquah Washington in the 80’s & 90’s. We ran track together at Issaquah middle school. Damn, We shared a lot of fundamental ‘coming of age’ moments/memories. AND the nick name he never stopped calling me; Simoner Boner.

He was a big part of My youth and he will be missed. I believe, he was the first boy I consensually gave a hand job, too. AND he wasn't surprised when he found out what I did for a living. I still recall the day he called to congratulate Me on becoming a sponsored runner. Which apparently he remembers was something I've talking about since I was 12 years old. AND I made the dream a reality in 2016 through 2019!

We talked about meeting up with our daughters in our old stomping grounds a few times but never made that a reality. Anywho, the newest member of our family is a Leo and was born on July 23rd. The same day My friend died. So, in honor of an old running buddy, I named the new liver/red schnauzer Judahs ‘Blair’ and training him as My next running mate.

Fall Equinox about 5 years ago, I was dealing with a major transition in My life. A lover, I'm not convinced I've ever mention in My A Dating Mistress blogs before now, ended our live-in relationship. Perhaps I wasn't ready to speak of him til now. We dated for a short time, perhaps 6 months before moving in together. Where we shared a rather toxic 5 or 6 years under the roof of My Portland townhouse.

I did a lot of things with him that I loved; travel, bike riding, cooking, played music, made movies, and a shit ton of sex. SEX all the fucking time. At least 3 to 4 times a day, even after we moved in to together. BUT like I said it was toxic.

This live-in lover broke thing off in the worst of ways, without communication. AND he did it right after I DNFed (did not finish) at 2018 Big Foot 200 ultra marathon race. Of course things where sour for years before that. We just did what couples do; work though it. If I were being truly honest with Myself, I think we really stared to talk about ending our dynamic at the begging of 2018.

We were on vacation in Mexico and well I was still working, online. Which annoyed the fuck out of the guy. AND I was still training for My next ultra marathon race and for some reason he thought I would be done running big miles after Zion 100. BUT yeah, that trip was chaotically emotional with about a 6 month untethering of our love story that followed. UGH! Thank goodness we didn't share legal assets together, or it could have been much longer.

You see, the relationship was the classic narcissist empath. Me the empath. AND I'm sure we were both acted out sexual narcissism traits with one another with how hot, heavy and toxic our day to day sex life was. Honestly, I was grateful for the sex. I've been in dynamics where sex was used as a tool of manipulation. We agreed to never withhold sex for one another. We even had sex the night before he left without a word...

With Me planning to end this blog series around My 44th birthday, it reminds Me that was about the time of year, 5 years ago that I meet the man that kick off the A Dating Mistress blogs. As known as My Twin Flame. I write about him in the first ever blog post of this series; A Dating Mistress: Happy New Year 2019. Looks like I have a 5 year cycle.

FUN FACT: I meet My barber about 5 years ago too. He was the first person to take My mohawk to the skin on the sides. And coincidentally, I asked My barber to transition My mohawk into a Chelsea (the current hair style in these photos) about a year before I committed to the hair style. Cycles inside of cycles.

Life is constantly changing. I remember My dad telling Me there are three things to count on in life; change, death and taxes. This fall equinox I took My kids to visit My parents for the first time in almost ten years. AND wow, things have changed a LOT. Along with nothing changed at all...

Hey, did you see the new peach I got earlier this year. I'm loving My skinny BBL. Seriously, these curves make Me feel like a voluptuous Goddess. Really, why would I lie about that. My last live-in lover I talk about through out this A Dating Mistress blog post, hated body modification at this degree. AND also had to share his option when no one asked.

Yes, I'm aware I'm making this guy sound like a douche. He kinda was. AND apparently, that is where I was vibrating too, at the time. I had some BIG life/love lessons to learn. That live-in lover did get Me motivated to return to talk therapy. The catalyst was I was tried of dating people that remind Me of My parents. Not to pathologist or anything BUT My parents are the first example of what a romanic relationship can look like.

By the way, I didn't know My mother was a narcissist till about 10 years ago when My oldest daughter showed Me a video on Youtube. She held it up to Me and said "Doesn't that sound like "mor' more?'" (Mother's mother in Danish). The video was titled "My Narcissistic Mother". Just ugh...

I want to insert in here, that My therapy alone didn't rewire the 30 years of programing. I also want to add in here, it wasn't just My parents that programed; I am some how a half a person and some how born into original sin. Mind you, My mother was a born again christian, every time she kicked the booze. So yeah, I had My fair share of spiritual/religious oppression while growing up in her home.

I'm pretty sure Disney helped a lot with this idealization of romance. Including Hollywood's dictation of relationships. BUT yeah, so did watching My parents co-depend trauma bounded relationship while living under their roof. Ugh.

Right from the beginning, I personal remember wanting to eliminate co-dependency in My dating dynamics. I felt like I was able to identify it in relationships, pretty quickly. Then found ways to, especially with the practice of boundary setting, where I could direct the dynamic into an interdependent style.

However to be real, I had My fair share of dealing with codependency in the earlier years of dating AND independently; drugs, sex, food, etc. Which I've articulated through out these pages of A Dating Mistress. ALSO Yeah, I'm still human. AND I'm here on Earth having a human experience. Habits and patterns are apart of it. So, are the cycles...

Back to rewiring the program. Yes, therapy helped because it gave Me a safe place to workout My thoughts/feelings. BUT what really produced the revolution is, I stoped subscribing to it. I stopped pathologizing everything. I actively practice non-attachment. I accept who/where I am AND others without judgement. I spend more time in the present moment.

I rewired My story by doing My personal work and peacefully accepting Myself/My experience with gratitude. I stoped with Self deception. Which in truth betrays the others in My life and inevitably the collective. I'm accountable to SELF. I am unapologetically ME. I would like to think you all got to witness this growth as well over the last 5 years through My writing.

My father is 73 during the Fall Equinox this year . He's a Virgo, like My oldest child. My dad has Parkinson. And he looks it. My mother shares the same birthday as the Greek God I talk about back in the spring of 2021; May 18th. Both are Taurus, like My youngest child. May 18th, 1980 was the day Mt Saint Helens erupted. Big Foot 200 ultra marathon is a 200 mile foot race around Mt Saint Helens.

Mt Saint Helens has been include in My landscape majority of My (soon to be) 44 years of life. I ate her ashes on our farm growing up in Yakima Washington. She was the first Glacier I mountaineered. She's beautiful and she'll be missed if I decide to move out of this area.

Not only has My hair, My booty, My soul made some outstanding changes though out this A Dating Mistress blog series, so has My skin with all the new tattoos I've collected over the years. BUT I'm not even close to the head to toe tattooed body I'm going for. It will come in due time. As like most everything. I recall telling My parents when I was a little girl, I wanted to be covered in tattoos. I'm not sure if they ever really believed Me.

SIDE NOTE: For Me getting tattooed feelings like a very sacred event. Right now I'm working mainly with Cricket Elijah at Andersen Park Tattoo in Portland Oregon.

Okay, back on topic. I do remember My parents asking Me what kinda of job I would have with tattoos. I think, I said the circus. AND of course, I did at one point in My career work with the circus. Story be told, that's how I meet My last live-in lover. We became part of the circus peeps collective in Portland, Oregon. I want to say in October of 2013.

FUN FACT: I was the hired entertainment for the circus group. AND They really DO know how to party. Plus, in the circus anything and everything goes. Kinda, like in New York City. SO Yeah, I would put on very elaborate interactive sex fetish kinky queer friendly scenes that would last the entire night. In many ways, "I brought THE SEX." to their personal gatherings/events. AND yeah that's a job.

I even dating the snake/fire woman for a hot minute. I did a shit tone of drugs for fun. I had some really ecstatic sex during My circus days too. I rolled in the community under the chosen name; Artemis. BUT still preformed as Monday Jones. Funny to image Me being a wildly deviant Sexual Leader with a bizarre taboo crowd like THE CIRRUS.

*Freaks BE Freaks AND I am a freak...

"In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Artemis (/ˈɑːrtɪmɪs/; Greek: Ἄρτεμις) is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, nature, vegetation, childbirth, care of children, and chastity."

Like stated above, this Fall Equinox I took My children to see My parents. Because that's what you do as a parent when your children ask to see their grandparents. Of course, I tried to pond off the task to someone else BUT knew deep down it is My duty as a mother to fulfill the request for My children. An obligation I'm grateful to retain. SO Yeah, We got a rental car and made a road trip out of it. A long road trip BUT time with My daughters well spent. Sometimes humans forget, "TIME" is the true currency.

Speaking of time, the last time I saw My parents on purpose was during a 50 mile ultra marathon about 8-ish years ago. My kids went to stay with them while I was at the race. My youngest called Me crying on day two at grandparents demanding Me to come pick her up now! Now was 2:22 am.

I could hear My drunk mother in the back ground. Mind you, My parents live about a 6 hour car ride away. OF course, I did the best I could to soothe My Child's emotions with our physical distance. AND then got in My live-in lover's car to go pick them up.

By the way, I didn't finish that 50 miler race. In truth, it wasn't the race was signed up for even. I was signed up for a 100k that got canceled due to wild fires. My coach enticed Me to do a 50 miler in replace of canceled race because they where on the same weekend. Odd thing, that 50 miler was the first race I DNFed on. I tapped out at mile 31 saying loud and clear "This just isn't Me race."

In hindsight it wasn't My race. The universe knew and honestly I did too. FUCK! Self deception is real. In reflection, I needed My athletic stamina to have the endurance to BE there for My kid when called on.

About 5 years ago Fosta-Sesta passed which changed My life dramatically. This law was passed by My least favorite president of the United States of America. Yes, Donald Trump. He presented the law as a stop to sex/human trafficking. BUT in truth it censored the internet and pushed sex/human trafficking into the dark web. This also, was the shut down of sex-worker advertising sites. The end of the BackPage era.

All the websites dedicated to sex-worker advertising like Eros before the date of April 6th, 2018 were raided by Homeland security, FBI and CIA. AND all the information was placed into a data base stored for future use. This was a crisis in My industry and freedom of speech in the USA.

*Yeah, so Trump kinda fucked Me over AS well as everyone that uses the inter webs.

I started the 2019 New Year with $100 in cash and 3 months behind on house payments. The 3rd time in My life I lost almost everything. Also, far from where I'm at now as America teeters an economical financial crash. AKA recession. That actually might be good for a reset in the economy. BUT yeah, what does Ms. Monday Jones know.

Other then, FUCK TRUMP! That guy just is, UGH. He's also not really wroth My breath. OR free rent space on My A Dating Mistress blog from here on out. BUT yeah he's in quite the self induced predicament right now. He He He...

Totally off subject BUT makes Me so happy is, My pay pig wears women's panties everyday now. This puts the BIGGEST smile on My face. My training shows. AND he is proud of his transformation. My work is good work!

New York City, I'll be home October 13th through 18th, November 15th-23rd AND at the end of December for a few weeks. I suggest you booking My time ASAP if you want a guaranteed spot on My calendar. Just an FYI, I will have limited availability durning the holidays.

Autumn into the New Years, is one of My favorite times to be in the city. The leaves changing colors, the crips cool air and the festivities are just a few things I enjoy. Maybe we can plan a seasonal activity together.

The full set of this photos can be found on My members only website at I promise the others are a lot more revealing. I hope I enticed you.

It's only $8 a month and you have all access to ALL MONDAY. Everything I've done in front of and behind the camera. Access to photos, videos, written erotica, ASMR etc. New content released bi-weekly. Join today!!!

*Phone App coming soon.

SIDE NOTE: 420 Studio's AKA Pin Me Up Portland have been asking Me to teach kink classes. BUT My gut tells Me I need to LEAD. A collaboration is in the works with hope to be launch ASAP.

Around this time five years ago, a beloved running partner gave Me the title Shamanatrix.

He really got to witness My presence while we trained for Bigfoot 200. He was My main pup AND core crew member on that foot race around Mt saint Helens. I'm grateful to have the honor and it feels every fitting to carry the title Shamanatrix.

My Big mile running was a bit of an obsession, yes. BUT there's so much more My running offers Me then I talk about on these pages of A Dating Mistress. I can get into that, and never shut up. So, let Me reel us back in some. The Shaman resonates within Me.

I made a huge transition in My career about 5 years ago too. I embraced The Shamanatrix and only offered Female Lead BDSM. A big shift from what I was providing the 5 years before and after that period of time. I have a sweet serendipitous story to share, that seems relevant. You see, I did a redesign of My website around that same time and launched it right before the beginning of 2019.

The redesign really presented an Empowered Dominant Female Shaman. My website was only this way for a blink of an eye. My website evolves as quickly as I do. HOWEVER! On this particular website design I had a feature where you could see My calendar, book yourself and pay for the session all online. Only one person ever used that feature before I removed it. AND yes, it was The Twin Flame. Mmmm interesting.

Labels, titles and words. They're here to help describe and communicate. I personal adore the evolution of the English language. Particularly, the creativity it offers Me as a writer and a forever developing human. However, I want to sign off this blog entry with a little wisdom I learned from a friend/client.

"Label Me to see Me. Un-label Me to know Me."

Okay, I feel like I've spent long enough on this A Dating Mistress blog entry and need to say good bye, just for now. BUT the end is coming, soon My friend. Let's cherish the moments while they last. AND Yes, it does feel like I'm preparing you all for a death...


Do you need words? Check out POLYAMORY GLOSSARY HERE


PODCAST: Ms. Monday Jones BDSM & Ultrarunning HERE

Photo's taken in Manhattan New York Summer of 2023

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