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A Dating Mistress: The Death of ADM

Updated: Jan 18


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


By no means is this the death of Ms. Monday Jones. It's just the death of the 5 year blog series; A Dating Mistress. Five years is quiet the run on a written blog. It should have been a book. Which is something I recently got asked to do.

I have an editor (or two) that have their eye on A Dating Mistress and looking at turning it into a book. I told them to hold off for a year or two. I shared that I needed a break from My dating life. I mean, I'm ending this 5 years not even wanting to use the word 'DATE' in My vocabulary. I've decided to adopt the word SITUATION/S.

*Instead of using the word "relationships", I'll refer to them as situationships. Yeah, I like the way that sounds.

Any-who, This is episode number 46 of A Dating Mistress blog series. For a number of reasons, 46 is super suiting to end on for this series. The number 46 is a practical number which helps ground your financial affairs and your love life. April 6th (4/6) is also the birth date of the man (aka Twin Flame) I started this blog journey with 5 years ago.

1st Blog Post: A Dating Mistress: New Years 2019 (Read HERE)

When I started this DATING blogging project, I didn't necessarily have an end date in mind. In truth, it all began because I was being bullied by a few women in the industry. They just couldn't believe I didn't have an online presents through written word. As much as I hate bulling, in hindsight I feel okay with this particular situation of bulling. BUT by no means I'm I still in contact with either one of these women.

*Consensual bulling is erotic, just saying...

A few years ago, I wrote about My birth story. A Dating Mistress: My Birth Month January '22 (Read HERE). Come to find out, My memory didn't serve Me. Yes, I was born into a cult BUT I got the name wrong. My family was a part of the cult The Walk. It somehow made Yoko Ono's art popular before her John Lennon days.

*Fuck, if you don't know who Yoko is, then you can Google that shit on your own.

Speaking of cults, I watched Escaping Twin Flames on Netflix (View HERE) AND just FUCK. I laughed pretty hard at Myself after watching this documentary. I guess, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The documentary refers to Twin Flames being a cult. *Ha

As stated many times throughout this written blog series, the twin flame concept is JUST a story. In My opinion, is very similar to stories I've read in the bible. These stories are here to remind the human race, WE are whole and have everything WE need inside of US. There's just no way My soul came into this world as only a half. I know I was born whole, even when I have felt or feel lack there of. OR what I refer to as seeking heart energy.

Speaking of story. Apparently the story of My heritage is supposedly not accurate. At least according to My parents. However, I don't trust OR believe much of what My parents have to say. You see, My parents are story tellers. AND something about My parent's story telling is, they love to make the story about them as the underdogs and the stories are full of exaggerations.

Something I noticed about story telling, the stories can shift in accuracy. Especially depending on the audience the story is entertaining. It's as if the fish caught that day, gets bigger and bigger every time the story is told...

I'm killing this A Dating Mistress blog series right around My 44th birthday. I love the notion I'm saying good-bye to this story AND hello to a new one. Please no need to worry, I will continue to write. My writing is just making a transition.

It kinda feels like I'm in this in-between phase of My metamorphosis. I'm not who I use to be BUT I'm also not fully the newest version of Myself. I do predict that 2024 will be a huge year of transformation for Me. I've got big plans in mind and seeds that I planted decades ago.

I will be taken on a few new skills this year that will shift Me back on to My life's path. Not saying I haven't been on My life's path this whole time. I'm one of those people that knew what the path was since birth. AND Yes as odd as it may sound, I knew I wanted to be a sex-worker at the age of 5 or 6 right after secretly watching the movie Risky Business (View HERE).

Anyways, the New Skills that I'm making room for in 2024-2025 are:

  1. Phlebotomy

  2. Producing a Podcast

  3. Grant Writing

  4. Writing a Script & Filming a Movie

  5. Studying to Become a Real Estate Broker

  6. Assisting in a Medical Holistic Wellness Center

The Shamanatrix, Ms. Monday Jones will utilize this next year to modify how the public be able to access her. AND Yes, I just referred to Myself in 3rd person. I'll be moving into Healthcare full-time AND plan to operate My company Hard Point part-time. This is a transition I've planted seeds for some time now. 2024 seems like a great year to execute the new bloom.

I'm okay with the idea of living parallel lives. I mean, I've never been one to read just one book at a time either. It's always something like 6 books. I guess, I'm made to juggle multiple things. I do like to think of Myself as multi faceted.

You all definitely now by now that I have an unorthodox approach to "Dating". Which in truth I don't seeing changing much other than the word I use to describe My partnerships. However, I do see My level of sharing changing. Yeah, I just might become more private about My "Dating" life. Discretion and confidentiality is a necessary key in My lifestyle.

*Of course, I'll still offer coaching and counseling in alternative relationships and lifestyles.

I'm just thinking about how I've been so public with My love life, that it might be time to keep My love affairs more to Myself and the parties involved. However, I totally plan to write "based on (MY) real life" erotica to publish on My membership website. By the way, My members site will be going through an alteration this year at some point AND I decided not to produce an App to accompany the website. So yeah, sharing less of My romanic life AND a membership site face lift.

My 44th birthday lands on Friday, January 26th. This year you I'll be celebrating in Las Vegas at AVN (View HERE). The last time I was at AVN was in January of 2019. That's a fun synchronicity; 5 years. I celebrated My 39th birthday there. It will be nice to revisit the convention AND celebrate another year around the sun.

Other 2024 Convention I'm planning to attended:

  1. Domcon LA May 29th-June 2nd (View HERE)

  2. Montreal Canada Fetish Weekend August 29th-September 2nd (View HERE)

  3. Domcon NOLA October Dates TBA (View HERE)

When I 1st announced the death of A Dating Mistress I was really sad to say good-bye. I even had a few fans reach out to tell Me not to end the blog. Which felt nice to know My online dating journey has been appreciated. Then I announced that this particular blog entry would be My last of the series, AND I all of a sudden wasn't so attended to the project. I almost thought I would write 3 lines to say good-bye.

*Ha, the writer in Me couldn't do that to all My fans.

PS I didn't buy into My parents new version of their blood line. I'm going to continue to reference My family tree. AND No, I have no desire to do a 23 in Me OR Ancestry blood test. The small print on the shit scares Me. I personal don't need My blood to be sold for science in places like China.

I will tell you, I do plan on owning multiple homes one day. I will eventually take a new name with a new identity. I might marry again for My 3rd passport. AND after spending 3 long challenging New York City holiday weeks at My upper Eastside studio with both of My children and all 3 fur babies, something I thought I would never say has been said. Brooklyn New York is looking a lot more appealing.

Thank you to everyone that has been here for this A Dating Mistress journey. I'm grateful for your attention regardless of your level of engagement or participation. It's not easy to write period AND it's defiantly not easy for a writer to write about Ones Self. I don't regret the vulnerability displayed through My Self evolution and Self discovery I shared over the last 5 years of My lifetime of Dating throughout these blog pages.

Heres to change! AND Cheers to Living & Dying. We can't have one without the other...

PSS:  I will be leaving A Dating Mistress Blog on My Monday Jones website (View HERE)


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