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A Dating Mistress: A Midsummers Nights Dream 2019

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


The weather in the PNW has been interesting, to say the least, this summer. The rainy overcast days, at 68 degrees, with a dramatic twist, 30 hours later, to a steamy heat of 94 with no cloud in the sky. It truly reminds me of the months I spent in Australia. Pretty similar to Melbourne's weather. I recall having to prepare for all four seasons when leaving the house. You just never knew when the cool South winds would collide with hot North Winds.

I connect well with the weather and the earth energy. It definitely plays a role in my wellbeing. This summer I've noticed fewer wildflowers on the trails I run. There's a lack of running water through the lands I foot journey. Trash strone alongside the roads where I run.

Bee's dying every place my feet led. I know I'm not alone in seasonal affective disorder (SAD) but it usually only affects me during the winter months, not in the summer.

This weather messes with my head and my sleep. It sometimes fucks with my emotional state, where I end up acting them out in lucid dreams. Lately, my dreams are filled with visits from past lovers, friends and family members, multiple visions of the world's endings, and a few moments of heroism. My dreams are giving me a safe place to process, heal, and try on new ideas. Some of my dreams show me fantasies that might have room to manifest into reality.

Lately, I've been daydreaming of the combination of running and raising awareness around a worldly cause, (like water, birds and the bees, healthcare, sex work, etc), that I deeply believe in. Possibly running across the country or staying closer to home with a mileage challenge, who knows.

I will say there's a fine line between fiction and non-fiction in regards to my lifestyle. I can definitely identify when fantasy is fantasy and when the reality is real. I'm also really good at creating fantasy. I've been facilitating it as a professional my whole adult life through acting, modeling and as a Mistress. I feel like I'm pretty good at this fantasy thing.

I've been processing the idea of fantasy and examining the fantasy in my own life. A huge thing I realize, I am my client's fantasy and, what they don't know is, they are my reality. This feels like a smack in the face and desire to change it. I am the real thing and my niche is being me. So, I want to offer the real thing.

With this epiphany comes a new perspective and opportunity for growth. The biggest shift, my approach to the professional side of my being a Mistress. I'm more fixated on making the connection then landing the ultimate monthly allowance. I've redesigned myself and my website; Of course, still smoothing out the bumps.

It's as if I returned to my roots, that tender age of 18, when this lifestyle really began for me with my first husband. I live this 24/7 and I have no expectations of that changing, anytime soon.

So, instead of remaining my "clients" fantasy, Maybe I could be their reality...


If you are ready to make your fantasy a reality and, put in the self-work it takes to obtain an authentic relationship with a Mistress, I invite you to contact me HERE

Photographs by Tom Lawton

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