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A Dating Mistress: Fall 2020 Presidential Election Year

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


Lots of ruckus over the presidential election. The battles on television aka debates, to the clean out the "friend list" on social media platforms. The unwanted overheard conversations about who's the better candid. The mass divide between Democrats & Republicans with no real talk of the other oodles of United States political parties. The news banter and chatter exploding their opinions on the race throughout the TV, internet, news papers and so on. Then there's the bummer stickers, lawn signs, commercial advertisements and small town weekend parades. Yet when it comes down to the date our votes are due, it's seems to Me that I'm always trying to make a decision between the lesser of evils. By the way, I started voting 22 years ago. Oh yeah, Happy Election Year 2020!

The United States is big. I mean come on, Texas is larger than Spain. I've wondered with a country with this much land mass and a population well over 300 million could support the diversity of its people and variety in the geographical locations among all these beautiful states. I mean duh, we all are aware that the South and North are vastly different not only in weather patterns but culture, lifestyle, etc. So, in My opinion, the US government does a poor job of caring for all these people and all this land.

I understand that the US is a young country at 244 years old. I get it, America is maturing slowly. We as humans also grow at our own pace and well I guess so do countries. Guess what? As a parent, I've noticed that most youth don't really take very good care of themselves. Ok, so what I'm saying is, America needs help. I wish I had more input on what kind of help but all that comes to mind is; "Simon says do your self work, get out of the immature mindset and learn to vibrate with love. So, as an individual you can play a part in raising the collective energies for a brighter tomorrow. It's time to grow up and be responsible for your role." We all play a role in the collative energy and we're all connected if like it or not. I know for a fact My energy effects the people I'm around and I know personal how the energies of other people effects Me especially in the line of work I'm in. I'm sure I'm not alone with this "new age" idea of us all being connected.

You see, how the fuck will a country that is so divided be able to fully care for the various 300+ million people and all 50 states? PLUS, How much does our vote really count? AND, why does it seem that US is basically represented by two political parties; Democrat and Republican. Which I don't see the Democrat party as one party these days with the left and right wing thinking among the party it self.

By the way, I'm not a fan of talking about politics. Not really sure why I picked this subject for a blog topic. Other than it is a presidential election year and there's lots of talk about it. I personal try not to talk about it. Not too long ago, one of My clients told Me "If you think American is a great country, then you'll vote for trump." I'm so glad My back was turned so he wasn't able to see My face cringe. I grinned with a little chuckle as I turned My body to respond with "What makes you think I believe America is great and gives you the right to tell Me how to vote?" I kinda thought it was ballZ of him to say...

I proudly registered to vote at the age of 18. I was excited because in My government class in high school gave extra credit for it and well I needed all the extra credit I could get. I see Myself as intelligent but not necessarily book smart. Plus traditional classrooms were not the healthy environment for My learning style needs. Ok so, I've never really shared what party I placed Myself in, nor discuss who I am going to vote or voted for. I don't put lawn signs up. I'm not a fan of bummer stickers on My car. I honestly don't talk much about the United States governmental systems unless I'm talking about how to fuck the man. *the man is Sam

I sometimes feel like I'm too diplomatic when it comes to discussing American polities. It seems to Me, most people want to debate at levels aggression when talking of the US presidential elections. I feel like I've got one of those minds that's able to see the "bigger picture". If you are also one of those people, then you know that this offers such a deeper perspective and understanding BUT not everyone has this gift. I've come to find out, that there are some that don't think diplomacy is a great thing. Neat. There's a lot in this world that aren't "great" things. I see diplomats as mediators in many ways. They are analytical, organizational and show great leadership skills all with good judgment and high integrity. Sounds like a compliment to Me.

Anyways, I may of got you all confused. Sorry not sorry for the worm hole thinking I just exposed you to. No clue where that came from. And sorry for just a sprinkle of My thoughts of this time of year and not going more into depth. I guess that's all I got. Side note: I do hope you noticed the new style of capitalization placement in the blog. I really wanted to do it from the beginning but something was holding Me back. I believe it was fear that someone would judge My grammar but honestly who cares. My spelling is already the worst and autocorrect doesn't always help Me out much.

The new style of caps is adopted from the Dom/sub BDSM dynamic. The Dominant role always showing up in writings as capitalized and the submissive in lower case. Since I identify as the Mistress, a Dominate position in this lifestyle, I decided that I don't care what people think of My grammar anymore and I would start displaying My role in the subculture through My writing style on My own blog. Whatcha all think?

Other news:

I'm finally back to running. Yay! I'm at about 25 miles a week. Not bad for an eight week break. I'm still dealing with some Achilles Tendinitis pain but other then that, I'm easing back into the milage nicely. Now I just need to move the

running miles off the treadmill and back outside. And yes of course I'm still daydreaming often of running across the United States. Hey! Maybe I'll plan it for the next US presidential election in 2024!

New video release: Supernova By Hard Point Pictures Enjoy!

Oh yeah! For My New York City fans and clientele, I'm officially hunting for a Manhattan apartment to call My own. Which means I'll be there more. Double yay!

PS: Ballots Due 8pm Tuesday November 3rd. Please vote. I do believe your vote counts on the local level.

Until next time Ciao'


List of US Political Parties HERE

Documentary on Netflix: Whose Vote Counts Explained


by Hard Point Pictures

Photo's by Klover Studios Portland Oregon August of 2020

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1 Comment

Oct 21, 2020

"Simon says do your self work, get out of the immature mindset and learn to vibrate with love. So, as an individual you can play a part in raising the collective energies for a brighter tomorrow. It's time to grow up and be responsible for your role."

Well said. I heard a podcast with Joey Reiman, who said essentially the same thing when asked about the pandemic and how do we cope with the world. Others too.

Just saying You're in good company in my book.

And, this is what holds true for me.

Over the years I've known people who said the system can't be changed from within it, so voting was just buying in to the whole scam.

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