A Dating Mistress: Holiday Season 2020 Part 1

Updated: Jun 14

"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones

Before I begin, I want to let you know that this is not a short blog. I'm not going to apologize for the amount of words I've formulated on this page. However, I did want to caution you that I had a lot to say in this particular piece of writing. Enjoy!

This year I started the holiday season out with a BANG! I made the silly decision to go trick or treating, regardless of all the warnings the news was broadcasting. Before I get any deeper into this blog, I want to say, Duh! This holiday season and YES the year of 2020 (and possibly 2021), is not like any other year due to Covid19, period. Soooo, there's no need to keep bringing it up

*winky face with a kiss

Now back to the blog.

This year for Halloween, I got Myself all dolled up. From head to toe. I was the sexiest modern maid. I had on; black fishnet stockings, garter, black lacy panties with bells that rang with every sway, 5 inch heels, black and white striped apron with My very stylist wool Burberry jacket over the top. I even got My hair and make up all did. I got to say, I was hot as fuck. No joke...

I had My heart set on one house, and one house only. It was as if I made an arranged house call, or something like that. I pulled up in My 1975 black Chevy Nova SS, right in front. I arrived at the golden hour and I could see this home had the prefect view at sunset with it's rooftop deck. Before getting out of the car, I glanced into the window and saw that the house owner was sitting alone but My intuition told Me different.

I called My girl friends to break the news that there was a third party, after seeing a woman's reflecting in the window that confirm My gut instinct. They told Me to go knock on the door anyways. Maybe the reflection was a head game I played on Myself due to being nervous. They were convinced that My recipient knew I was going to stop by on Hallows Eve. I did email, to let him know what I was planning. So, why would he have a guest over?

When I got out of My car, I thought, "What The Fuck? Why not? You only live once, right?" So, with My girlfriends on a three-way call, to support, I did it. I fucking walked down a dozen or more gravel steps in 5-inch heels, safely with My phone pressed to My ear to prepare Myself for the security camera. I pushed the "Ring" doorbell. That way, the owner of the house had a clear document of My fairly immature actions.

The homeowner answered with a breathy "hi." and glazed over eyes.

Something tells Me he had only really seen Me as a fatal attraction up until the given moment on that stoop. I will never forget the very surprised look of "Ooooohhhhh My Goddess" all over his face. AND, the full body shiver shake thing he did. Super obvious too. It also seems like he may of received a wake-up call with My house call. He played it off like he didn't know I was going to show up. The 3rd party watching in the foreground with a dumbfounded look on her face and then a quick interruption from a dog that wrapped up the 4-minute interaction.

Really? Where did this fucking dog come from? *sigh

Anywho, I spared you most of the awkward details of the whole event. Maybe because I can't fully recall it all, due to My own personal shock from the experience. Also, it wasn't My "Ring" doorbell, nor have I watched the movie moment religiously over and over.

I do remember walking away nervously because I wasn't sure if My ass was hanging out of the bottom of My coat as I jingled up each step. I do recall the heartfelt laughter and, the strange feeling of not feeling sorry about My behavior. It felt like he lied about not knowing the "Maid Service" had been scheduled for Halloween night at sunset. For Me, there were way too many signs. My intuition sparked a gut reaction which told Me he is, in fact, reading My emails. So, I'm pretty dame sure he was expecting Me.

My girlfriends thought I was a bad-ass, which was nice to hear. However, I just felt like the crazy ex-girlfriend and not the sexy maid I was shooting for. At one point, I did think to Myself, "If he didn't read My emails then, I feel like a dork but, if he had read my emails...why didn't he say, "Yo! Back off babe, I have company this evening", or "don't stop by?" Something like that would have been better than the surprise for all parties involved. AND, who really knows the truth here. I still haven't heard from the guy. Plus any intelligent human knows there are multiple sides to every situation; Mine, the other party/parties, and then there's the truth.

After sitting in an ego death, I finally shared My Hallows Eve adventure with a few of My trusted people, in hopes it would help with processing the event. There was one person in particular that told Me to look up Limerence. I took the advice and dug deeper into it. After doing so, I could see, what I was experiencing was not Limerence.

However, I'm glad Limerence was brought to My addiction because not only is it fun to learn something new but it put Me in a position to examine Myself on a deeper internal level. Which of course results in personal growth and maturity. I'm only writing about Limerence now because sharing is caring and well maybe someone out there will benefit from the information.

By the way, Limerence is fantasy but not just any kind of fantasy. It steams from Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It's an unreclaimed love. It's beyond a crush. It's where you change your personality and every other aspect of yourself and/or life to fit into your person of interest's ideals. It's superior to lust. It's a complicated abstract fixation that takes over the person's life that is experiencing Limerence.

Studies have shown, Limerence can possibly happen when there's an imbalance of Serotonin, Dopamine and, Endorphins. If you want to learn more about Limerence, I encourage you to do your own self-study and research. There are lots of great articles and Youtube videos on the subject. I personally found the many lectures, by the many different psychologists, on YouTube to be highly interesting. Which put me in a spot to desire more knowledge.

Moving on...

This year, on November 26th, I spent traveling to New York City to be alone. Just the way I designed it. You see, I stopped really celebrating the holiday's roughly 10 years ago when the kid's dad and I split up. His family was way more into traditions, and I'm estranged from Mine. So, it was an easy decision for us to have the kids be with him during this time of year. My kids and I put emphasis on celebrating birthdays, the season change, and All Saints Day more than the commercial holidays. Yeah by the way My birthday is January 26th. I suggest you mark your calendar, so you can spoil Me.

*Cheesy grin

Back to learning is fun...

I've been spending time doing a bit of My own self-studying and overindulging in the programs aired on Gaia. My topics of choice aren't necessarily light subjects; physics, quantum mechanics, the human brain, and neuroscience. That's right! I'm a geek. Now you all know. I will say that I feel like the research on Limerence lead the way to these other fabulous subjects. Yay! Learning!!

Each of these categories alone is a lot to take in BUT I just couldn't stop the gluttony. Everything I've been reading/watching on these topics is soooooo fantastically juicy and mind-blowing. I have been ravenously eating up Quantum Physics: the studies of multiple dimensions and, being in multiple places at the same time. The double slit experiment can explain this. Even so, I will warn you, even the most profound people in the field have a difficult time explaining. So, by no means am I going to try. Time for your own self-research and homework?

I know there are multiple dimensions AND, I believe, I heard, in conversation with another lover of Quantum Physics, physicists have discovered 17 dimensions thus far. Sorry friends, I don't have a link to guide you to this information as I have not fact checked it. *blush

I know I've personally traveled through many planes/dimensions simultaneously. I know for fact, due to My natural gifts of astral travel and My natural abilities to meditate. Plus I have proof of it throughout My life.

We may or, may not, be on the same page here AND, I don't' really want to stress trying to prove to a non-believer or preach to My reader.

I'm here just sharing My experience. AND well, the reader can take what they will and formulate opinions on their own judgments. Anyhow, you don't have to be a stoner (I say that with love) or a radically spiritual being to grasp the concept of multi-dimensions. YO! It's in science. AND nonetheless, I have some pretty awesome personal stories when it comes to supernatural powers, life in other dimensions, all things magical and so forth that might be entertaining. Plus you've made it this far in this extra-long blog of Mine.

*Smiley face

There's something really special that happens a few days before I visit with a client. This is actually one of the main reasons why I don't like providing same-day appointments. You see, it's not easy being a psychic empath and/or highly sensitive person (HSP). I need a rather large amount of self-care to be in a position to offer the best possible version of Myself to the people that I interact with; truthfully, I need it in order to function, with any sort of grace in this world of energetic pollution.


The days/hours leading up to a session is where I'm able to tap into the client's energy field and absorb the information. It just transfers into My conscious, much like downloading docs onto your computer's hard drive. You're like either; "Whatever Monday." or "Really?" or maybe even some of you get it and are like "Duh."

My trick is or the magic is: ENERGY. So, if you know a thing or two about energy, then you already know that energy travels. Being an HSP and trained Reiki Master I have the aptitude to read, feel, travel and heal through energy. PS We all have access to these gifts. *wink wink

Here's a few great examples and/or stories of the magical life I live...

One upon a time in New York City, I got booked for a cuddling only session with a first-timer. By the way, star client for pre-booking My time in advance. Which provide time for Me to feel prepared for them the day of. About 24hrs before this particular client's session, out of nowhere, I started to think about the art and branding in the fonts of written words. I spent a good hour on this subject and even thought about how important it would be for Me to put some creativity behind My font style with My production company Hard Point Pictures. AND Now, can you guess what My client did for a living?! Yep, he is a Helvetica.

Spooky, right? Nope, this is My life.

Story continues...

That night when going to bed, I got a flood of visual downloads. It took Me a sec to figure out what was playing on the movie screen behind My eyelids. Side note: My visual "downloads" usually follow a sequence. It first starts with the Flower of Life. Then this sacred geometrical shape intensely overlaps its self, repeats, spins, grows, and may or may not have splashes of colors. This looks a lot like the classic psychedelic visual effects (example HERE). Then the visual effects will transform into an optical, audio, emotional or another sensory message for Me to interpret.

In this particular vision, I saw Myself as a black silhouette made up of stars. There was a face mashed up to Mine with this head of hair that I can't forget; shaggy but spiky and salty blonde in color. Then I realized that we were making out in the "dream" and it was definitely not My fantasy. So, I quickly removed My energy from the dimension to offer space for whom the fantasy belongs without Me in it and, continued to proceed to transition into a deep sleep.

Yeah, these energetic "rapping's" happen quite a bit. Especially with Me being an empathic sex worker and amateur porn star. Maybe you think it's just your imagination as you jerk off to a beautiful person's pictu