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A Dating Mistress: My Birth Month January '22

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


SONG: Hollow Coves - "These Memories" (Listen HERE)

January 26, 1980 at 2:15am right off the Indian reservation in Yakima, Washington, I was born. A daughter, a sister and a lion amongst a herd of sheep. Yes, I stood out from day one. I was born large (9.5 lb & 2 feet long), with big green eyes and the most beautiful red olive-toned skin.

I was born into a hippie religious group: The Rainbow People. Or, was it Family? Anywho, I believe the cult still exists today. The story goes that My family left shorty after My birth because the "leader" of our congregation/region claimed Me. That's correct. I was one of many female children in the community that got chosen to be groomed to become a wife and a baby factory.

Thank goodness My parents were able to see through the bullshit of the rainbow cult. However, I don't think they ever really escaped the brainwashing of religious communities and/or organized groups. You see, every time My mother would kick the bottle, she would become a righteous born-again Christian. In celebration of her sobriety, My brother and I would get baptized. I believe I was on number 6 when I left My parents' house at the age of 17.

SONG: Hozier - "Take Me To Church" (Listen HERE)

Regardless of all that religious shit, January 26 is My favorite day of the year. Of course, after becoming a mother, I've happily added My children's birth dates to My list of special days. It's funny, even in My 40's, how excited I get when January comes around. I really do like My birthday, like a lot. Throughout My childhood into adult age, I recall reminding My loved ones that "My birthday is coming," starting as early as January 27 with a 365 day countdown.

SONG: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - "Shallow" from A Star Is Born (Listen HERE)

I personally don't like the song "Shallow," BUT I heard it playing on the radio the other day and WOW it swept Me way, way down memory lane. A man, a love from My past, made a short video clip of himself playing his guitar and singing the male vocals to this song. I actually spaced the video altogether until the song dislodged the detached memory. It's interesting how powerful and magical music is. I really can't imagine My life without it.

Recovery from My hysterectomy has been better than expected. My prior five surgeries (and recovery) were not this smooth. So yeah, My expectations were low even though I've been training for this surgery/recovery since July 2021 with My personal trainer Katie King. I can't wait to get back to lifting weights with Katie on February 1.

I will say the surgeon didn't do that great of a job with My belly incision. On the bright side, instead of mourning the loss of My lady parts, I've mourned the fact I didn't do it sooner. I seriously woke up the day after surgery and for the first time in My adult life, it didn't feel like My uterus was attacking My body. Because it was gone!! So yeah, besides a little regret, and the fucked up belly button, all is good and recovery has gone as planned.

SONG: Artificialice - "Until" (Listen HERE)

Oh yeah, you remember the back pain I mentioned in My last blog entry: A Dating Mistress: Winter Solstice '21 (Read HERE)? Well, it finally subsided. You recall how I said it was a mystery injury, too. Blah. Knowing that the body is always communicating, no matter if anyone is listening, I looked up "back pain" in My copy of Louise Hay's Heal Your Body (View HERE). AND, the emotional cause for low back pain is Fear of Money and Lack of Financial Support.

AND I was like "DUH!" No, I don't have a "fear of money," BUT I am self-employed. AND I just took off 6-8 weeks of work to fully recover from surgery. I don't live in a world of employee benefits like health insurance, paid time off and retirement funds. On top of that financial stress, both of My cars that I love to drive so much, have been misbehaving lately and putting a dent into My pocketbook. My Range Rover went to the shop for 4 weeks and returned with a bill of $5,500.

That's a lot of fucking money. It's also what I get for driving a luxury SUV. BUT get this, My classic car, My baby, My 1975 Chevy Nova SS, went into the shop in September 2021 and still is waiting on parts. Ugh! At least My Nova repair is all paid for. I'm just awaiting her long-awaited return home.

SONG: Seafret - "Oceans" (Listen HERE)

I'll be spending My actual birthday January 26 in Manhattan. Oh yeah, this month's trip to New York City is January 17-29. During My stay, I plan to furnish and add some fresh paint to the walls of My 400-square-foot Upper East Side studio. I most likely will work, even if "light duty," because I'm a workaholic. I mean fuck, I was working online on day two of recovery.

I do intend to have some low-key fun on this trip: coffee or meet-ups with friends and maybe an overnight at SoJo Spa Club (View HERE). I might host a small gathering at My place, if all My furniture is delivered in time. Depending on Covid numbers, I might celebrate My birth with My friend and sometimes lover David Zayas Jr with a Broadway show.

SONG: Hollow Coves - "Patience" (Listen HERE)

I bought Myself lips and facial lasers as a gift to Myself for My birthday. Yes, like many in this modern world, I use fillers, lasers and other modern-day technology to stay youthful. By no means do I feel shame for taking advantage of these wonderful anti-aging remedies. To be honest, I wish I would have started sooner.

My eyes always reminded Me of My estranged father's eyes and looking at My reflection got hard because of this. But, just like that, a little filler to My temples changed everything. Now I can look in the mirror and see Me, not My father. I see great benefit in the skillful art of cosmetic surgery. Just the little work I've had done has helped My inner vision of Myself shine on the outside AND that has definitely helped with My disassociation and with My SELF-acceptance.

SONG: The Lumineers - "Ho Hey" (Listen HERE)

I've been trying to think of some goals for 2022 BUT I feel like My time as a hibernating bear has been put to better use with My 15- to 18-hour all day naps. I mean, I have been recovering and all. Plus, sometimes dreams can be more fun than goals.

Oh yeah! Did I tell you I saw a hummingbird a day or two after My surgery? I found it odd, too, because it had just snowed in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of winter in the Pacific Northwest.

"The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, good luck, messages from

spirits, and other special qualities. ... Just as the hummingbird spirit animal is a sacred totem for many. While they are tiny beings, hummingbirds pack a lot of powerful, positive energy." (Read HERE)

In any case, whatever My "goals" for 2022, I would like to think that the hummingbird was giving Me a sign that the New Year will be bringing Me joy, healing and good luck that's full of positive energy. FUCK YEAH! I can't wait!

SONG: Halsey - "Without Me" (Listen HERE)

In 2022, I will be involved with Kinkfest in Portland Oregon this April AND Domcon in Los Angeles in May. Wow, both of those websites need some work, BUT that is not My role with either convention. I'll be in charge of Opening Ceremony and main stage scheduling. AND, with a little sponsorship, I'm selecting the WiFi password at Kinkfest. Clever, I know!

AND! I got asked by Mistress Cyan herself to be the Guest of Honor at Domcon LA. I'll be teaching and hopefully performing at both. That's some BIG moves in My Mistressing, right?! My career seems to be golden for Me in '22. Mmmm, Maybe My love/dating life will pick up this year. Of course, I'll keep you posted either way. Duh!

SONG: Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova - "Falling Slowly" (Listen HERE)

SONG: Jaymes Young - "Moondust" (Listen HERE)

By the way, My calendar on My website (View HERE) is up to date with NYC dates now through April AND My Fetlife (View HERE) has dates through June 2022. Dates are subject to change, but this gives you an idea of My New York City travel plans. Now that I have My Manhattan apartment, the commute is a 100 times easier. I fucking love traveling without luggage.

Remember, I'm out of commission for in-person sessions until January 14, 2022. I return to "light duty" January 15 and "full duty" on February 1. As much as I enjoy doing administrative tasks and online/phone work, I am very happy to reinstate the use of My body to My work. My career. My purpose.

Mmmmm, maybe a goal for 2022 is to eliminate being a workaholic. HA! That's cute. Something tells Me that will not be on My list. At least not this year. I fucking love My career and with business being a language of love for Me, I don't see Myself retiring Ms. Monday Jones anytime soon. I mean fuck, I'm putting together (with lawyer) My "revised" production company Hard Points by Monday this month.

I'll keep you all informed on My 2022 goals list, if I even make one. I might just be too busy working...

Happy New Years! AND, Happy Birthday to Me on January 26!

*kiss kiss

SONG: Billie Eilish - "When the Party's Over" (Listen HERE)


Pursuit of Love on Amazon Prime (View HERE)

*A cute show I watched while laying on the couch with My boys Po Po Tiny and Bruce recovering from surgery. We (My boys and I) spent a lot of time on the couch with My housemate during recovery.

Ted Talk: How Language Shapes the Way We Think | Lera Boroditsky (Watch HERE)

Ted Talk: Rethinking Infidelity ... A Talk for Anyone Who has Ever Loved | Esther Perel (Watch HERE)

Photos done by Wyld Wood Photography in West Linn Oregon on December 9, 2021

Instagram HERE | FetLife HERE

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