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A Dating Mistress: Spring '23 Part 1

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


Did I leave you all with a cliff hanger in the last blog entry; A Dating Mistress: February '23 (Read HERE)

I know for some, I did. AND for the other's that did not read the post, I ended it with the return of My Italian boi friend. If you have no fucking clue what I am referring to, you can hear all about the piglet in A Dating Mistress: My "New" Italian boi Friend (Read HERE)

Anyways, I'm going to make you hang a little bit longer while I up-dated you with My life because in truth My life life is way cooler then My dating life right now...

SONG: "Just Breathe" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

I'll start with chatting about the weather because the ones that know Me best, know how much I LOVE small chat. By the way, I am being incredibly facetious in that last sentence and can't stand small talk. However, as stated throughout these blog entries, the weather does effects My wellbeing. AND in the most resent winter posts, I've shared I did not experience My usual seasonal depression that I've dealt with for My entire existence.

I am sad to report My teenager had a horrible time with the dark grey winter/spring days. They even asked if We could move to the desert and requested to go to Las Vegas in celebration of their 14th year around the sun. We went at the end of April. I got heat stroke on the 2nd day. It was miserable.

My kid kept saying "Let's move here." and when I would say "No, I can't. My body obviously doesn't like this kind of heat." Of course they would respond with something like, "You'll get use to it." I personal don't want to get "use to it". I did have a fantastic time connecting with My kid through travel and plan to do more of that.

SONG: "Blue Skys" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

Like My child, I too want to move. BUT where? I have no fucking clue. I've been doing online research on places of interest. AND thinking it would be best to stay in the United States, even if I really don't want to. I adore the idea of living over seas in the Mediterranean. Not sure if I can get My kid on board for that adventure. I'll keep you posted.

Some of you may already know that relocating has been on My mind for a long time. Especially if you follow Me on social media. Off topic but worth mentioning. I've deleted My social media apps from My iPhone. Awesome decision by the way. Those fucking apps are a waste of time, energy, and brain cells. AND no way was I going to buy into this new verification mumbo jumbo with the BLUE CHECK MARK for $8 a month.


Nonetheless, here's a list of places I've already thought about for relocation; Denver Colorado, Reno Nevada, Las Vegas Nevada, Flagstaff Arizona, Sedona Arizona, Albuquerque New Mexico, New Orleans Louisiana, and Austin Texas. I even took a look at Tennessee, California, Georgia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Then I investigated Mexico City and Tulum.

The search continues...

SONG: "Me and Booy Mcgee" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

I celebrated the Spring Equinox this year with a new Me in more then one way. I'll start with, I decided to grow up. Yeah, I'm aware. I should already be a grown up at middle age. BUT that's far from the truth.

Some days I feel like I'm 8. To add, I don't think I felt comfortable in My skin till I was 30. To be honest, I still feel uncomfortable in My skin. I've always dealt with dysmorphia when it came to My meat suit.

Anyhow, let Me measure out the ways I've noticeably matured. I didn't buy a 3rd puppy when the thought first occurred to Me. Ha! That is true but not exactly the kind of maturing I was alluding too.

SONG: "Always on My Mind" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

You see, My teenager told Me a few months back they don't want to go to their usually Jewish summer camp. No, We are not Jewish BUT My kid is infatuated with the culture. Regardless, they shared with Me they would rather go to My parents house for two weeks. I instantly said "No."

Not because of My estrangement with My parents BUT because My kid has a difficult time staying at a friends house without My rescuing them in the middle of the night. This kid hates being away from their comforts of their personal space. However, I did hear them out. They shared after the scare of My father's life, they really wanted to visit him.

This is were the growing happened. First I told them that I think their eyes are bigger than their appetite and convinced them to only stay for a weekend and not two weeks. Okay, that wasn't the growth. The growth really happened BUT only after trying to pawn off the task, was when I agreed to drive My kiddo and stay the weekend with them at My parents house in Eastern Washington.

*FUCK! What did I sign up for?

SONG: "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

That's not where the GLOW up stoped. I finally let go of My daily cannabis habit. Mary Jane has been a daily lover for 17 years. A bitter sweet good-bye. Of course I will remain one of her biggest fans BUT I realize, she's not the one I want to dance with daily.

It's been a long road to recovery. If you are a subscriber of My Youtube, then you are aware that during the pandemic I smoked up to ten grams a day. Which eventually went down to 2 grams. AND now, none. My relationship with marijuana was toxic and I knew I needed to change it.

So many things opened My eyes to this. AND I'm not sure if I can fit it all into this one post. BUT will try My best to continue the unraveling of My story throughout this blog series. Stay tuned...

Other Milestones of My Expansion in Maturity

  1. I made budget for the first time since 2018

  2. I paid off credit card debt, again

  3. Add 10% of monthly income into retirement fund

  4. Removed unnecessary expenses

  5. Removal of toxic relationships

  6. Continuing My therapy

  7. Taking responsibility and accountability for Myself

  8. Put an end to Seeking Heart Energy (View HERE)

*Growing up ain't easy. YET required for evolution.

SONG: "Red Headed Stranger" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

Alright, I guess you have been hanging long enough. My dating life is a joke right now. I wish I had something excited to share with all of you. The thing is, I just don't.

The Italian boi friend returned for a moment in time. I thought things were going good, till. Okay, let Me bring this back to Me for a sec. I mean, this blog is called "A Dating Mistress".

It dawned on Me, there was no way I could get serious with anyone, til I could get serious with Myself. This means getting MY shit together and growing the fuck up. Hints the list of "Milestones".

Once My head was clear from all the pot smoke, I could see how it was effecting My advancement. Funny thing is, I use to tell Myself how plant medicine helped Me to connect AND denied its disconnect. Same with social media and the online world. This whole time I convinced Myself it was a great way to stay connected. Ha! I guess I bought into the programming and clever marketing.

*I unplugged Myself

SONG: "Whiskey River" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

I believe I've said this before, somewhere on these pages of this blog series and here I'm saying it again; I'm single. My stables are cleaned out. AND I have zero intention of filling them anytime soon. I'm enjoying the reset. The next heard of ponies can wait til I'm ready.

Other Life Up-Dates:

  1. Sad to announce I did not make it to 2023 German Fetish Ball OR Femdom Gala in Greece OR Domcon LA. Instead, durning the timeframe of these kinky events, I made an intentional choice to celebrate the birth of a partner in crime; My Greek God. If you don't know who I'm referring too, read blog entry "A Dating Mistress: Spring 2021" (read HERE) where I first introduce Him.

  2. On March 20th of this year I decided to get cosmetic surgery. I'm aware I didn't speak of it before now. At least not publicly. In truth I didn't feel the need. When it comes down to it I am My Own consultant. Oh yeah, I got a fat transfer to My ass. AKA Skinny BBL (View HERE). By the way, My new peach looks and feels fabulous. Also, by no means did I THINK I needed the butt lift. It was straight up a WANT and fulfilled desire.

  3. Yes, I am getting a 3rd dog. No, not because I'm a crazy dog person. My Po Po Tiny is becoming My youngest full-time emotional support animal. I couldn't bare the thought of My Bruce being left behind without company. Plus, both boys are extra small and would not make for a good running dogs. So, I've put a deposit on a red headed step sister for My boys with an amazing breeder; Duke's Schnauzers (View HERE)

  4. I've reactivated My nursing license. I've already did the background cheek and gave My finger prints. I have an interview with Hospice Care in June. With the way the economy is teetering towards a recession, people seem to be holding on tight to their money and watching their expenses. Having a Mistress is a luxury. I've personally seen a decline in My bookings and not getting the cash flow I would wish for at the club while dancing. I'm not leaving sex-work. I'm just adulting.

  5. Yes, I am still dancing 2 to 3 days a week when in Portland Oregon at The Sandy Jug. No, I am currently not looking for other clubs to dance at.

  6. I'm enjoying the freedom with My sobriety and connecting on deeper levels than I have ever imagined.

  7. NYC I plan to be home July 12th-Aug 2nd, 2023. No June dates at this time. This might change. Please keep up with Me by signing up for My newsletter (HERE).

  8. I have hired a producer/director to help with a short film I am manifesting into existence.

Yep! There was a lot to be said in this blog post. AND I'm thrilled you made it to the end. Until next time My friends...

SONG: "City Of New Orleans" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)


PS I grow up with Willie Nelson. I have even shared some strange stories and family memories with the man. It only seems fitting I added a few of his songs in a blog post about Me "growing up".

SONG: "Mama's Don't Let Your Babies" by Willie Nelson (Listen HERE)

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Photos by Pin Me Up Portland (View HERE)

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May 22, 2023

your words and experiences help me face things i have always run from - thank you! PS: Asbury Park, NJ is like P-town and Nashville had a baby on the NJ shore. But please help keep it quiet. :)

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