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A Dating Mistress: Summer '23 Part 2

Updated: Sep 16, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


SONG: "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Listen HERE)

A pleasant memory of My parents presented its self right after inserting the song above. They shared with Me a few times while I was growing up in their home, that I taught them about "freedom". They said it was because of the way I choose to live. Maybe they were referring to that fact I am unapologetically Me.

You can read how I kicked off the summer in A Dating Mistress: Summer '23 Part One (Read HERE)

I'm sad to announce that I will not be at DomCon New Orleans in October with My kid this year like I sated in the last blog post. Long story short, My oldest daughter "forgot" she signed up for swim/lifeguard course that happens to be on the same weekend.

Of course, she didn't mention anything about the aqua classes the 18 times I checked in with her in regards to the travel dates. AND only said something after I spent 2 hours on booking our itinerary. Luckily, I was able to cancel within the 24 hour grace period without paying for cancelation fees.

I did get an apology. One that was sincere and where she took accountability. After reading the text apology, I realized how far she's came. Taking accountability shows maturity.

SONG: "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

SONG: "You Don't Know How It Feels" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Listen HERE)

By the way, I decided not to set up a profile with Suicide Girls. Yeah, I'm aware I look like I would fit there. BUT I don't. First off, the fucking company is owned by a man. No, I'm not a man hater. Second thing, the small print is utter shit.

After reading the small print, I quickly remembered why I didn't become a "suicide girl" 20 years ago in college. You see, this dude developed this elite alternative genre subscription porn site back in the early 2000's and called it Suicide Girls. Then he basically ripped off every person that joined as a model ever since.

This site is not a 60/40 cut style platforms like Onlyfans and Clips 4 Sale. It's worse in My opinion. When the model signs the contract to be a suicide girl, they are signing away all the rights to ALL their content. By no means, do the models and/or photo/videographer get compensation for any of their hard work.

The only way to really make money off this site is IF your "photo set" is "picked". However, there's no discloser on when and how often "picks" happen. Just, No to all of this. I personal get tried of dealing with the patriarch AND this just seems like a company that thrives off it.

SONG: "Into The Great Wide Open" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Listen HERE)

I recently ran into an old weight lifting partner of Mine. She just returned to lifting after taking a long hiatus. AND she asked Me if I wanted to buddy up a few days a week to lift. Duh, I said yes.

Then a day or two later, My oldest daughter asked if I wanted to join her for lap swim twice a week. Double duh, of course I said YES! AND with My 1975 Chevy Nova SS parked for repairs till further notice, I'm back to bicycle commuting. It seems like the universe had plans for My fitness, regardless of My lack of motivation.

Even though My body has been sore with this new workout regiment, My mind and spirit are thanking Me for the healthy stimulation. To be honest, so's My heart.

It's hard for an athlete to be injured. Oh yeah, I'm dealing with achilles tendinitis, again. AND I jammed up My right wrist, arm and shoulder from pole dancing. I am definitely a stripper. Not a pole dancer. Anyways, laying on the couch and eating comfort food was getting boring. AND I'm not a person that gets bored.

SONG: "Honey Bee" by Tom Petty (Listen HERE)

I did end up watching a lot of Netflix while spending time on the couch. I put together a recommendation list for you too. I hope you enjoy documentaries!

Monday's Netflix Picks

  1. Broken *4 episodes

  2. Human the World Within *6 episodes

  3. Poisoned the Dirty Truth About Your Food *82 minutes

  4. Hot Girls Wanted: Turn On *limited series

  5. Take Your Pills *88 minutes

  6. The Pharmacist *4 episodes

  7. Explained *3 seasons

  8. Take Your Pills Xanax *80 minutes

  9. How to Get Rich *8 episodes

  10. The Principles of Pleasure *limited series

  11. Ask Your Doctor *12 episodes

  12. Afflicted *7 episodes

I am completely aware that the list above lands under social and cultural documentaries. I guess it's the topics on My mind right now. I'm also aware that all the suggestions have a similar look, feel and cadence. Something, I believe Netflix did on purpose.

SONG: "Runnin' Down A Dream" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Listen HERE)

If you've been keeping up with Me, then you may already know I recently went to Nevada to work at one of Dennis Hof's famous brothels. Yes, I have worked in legal prostration in other countries BUT this was My first time working in legal prostration in the United States.


Okay Okay, I'm already planning to dedicate a whole blog entry to My experience at The Kit Kat Ranch. So, no reason to get into details here. I'm bring up the brothel because if anyone noticed, I left My tour early. I was originally scheduled to be there for about 3 weeks. However, checked out after about one week.

SONG: "Here Comes My Girl" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Listen HERE)

I left the ranch early due to a family emergency. Nevertheless, I believe I would have checked out of brothel life early regardless of the family emergency. Let Me back up a sec. My youngest child needs a full time caregiver due to their type one diabetes. So, when I'm traveling I arrange the necessary care needed for My kid, AND dogs.

Most the time My youngest is with their older sister or long term family nanny. However, since the start of the summer My 14 year old's father has been stepping into that roll after a few years of absence. Back story on dad. He's an alcoholic. AND yep that was the emergency.

You see, this guy has been dealing with alcohol since he was 14 years old. He's been in and out of jail because of his drinking. I believe he has lost his drivers license, like forever because of his drinking. One of the reasons I left him 14 years ago, was because of his drinking. Do you see a recurring theme here?

The shit thing is he just lost some more of his privileges with his daughter. Hell yeah, I asked for supervised visit between them two. Till she's eighteen too. When I told him about the new parenting plan, he agreed and then started at with Me with "I'm going through a hard time." BS. AND Yes, I have heard this one before...

SONG: "Hard on Me" by Tom Petty (Listen HERE)

Ugh! That was a lot of dirty laundry aired out AND damn it feels good to let the stink dissipate. WE all be goin' through a "hard time" AND we all deal with it differently. AND addiction is real. Anyways, enough said about that. Other then, Mama did what Mama needed to do to keep Her cub safe.

SONG: "To Find a Friend" by Tom Petty (Listen HERE)

Before I chat with you all about My non-existence dating life let Me mention there's like 7/8 planets in retrograde while writing this blog post. Just saying, it's causing all sorts of energetic chaos at the moment. I mean, if you believe in the shit and stuff.

Pluto Retrograde: May 1 – October 11, 2023

Neptune Retrograde: June 30 – December 6, 2023

Saturn Retrograde: June 17 – November 4, 2023

Venus Retrograde: July 22 – September 3, 2023

Chiron Retrograde: July 23 – December 26, 2023

Mercury Retrograde: August 23, 2023 – September 15, 2023

Uranus Retrograde: August 28, 2023 – January 27, 2024

Jupiter Retrograde: September 4 – December 31, 2023

SONG: "Wake Up Time" by Tom Petty (Listen HERE)

So, yeah My dating life is non-existence. AND I'm cherishing it this way. This retrograde season showed Me how far I've come in more ways than one. I really appreciate when I get to really see all the growth. AND it's encouraging to keep on growing.

I'm not entirely sure why retrograde season, especially Mercury and Venus always bring around the ex lovers. Just wow, I had quite a few ex's resurface durning this time frame, too. By no means, do I want to list them ALL off. BUT yeah, maybe a few.

The first former partner I'll bring up here is a man I shared a very successful poly relationship with for 12 years. However, while we were reconnecting I could feel

how wildly unmatched we currently were AND I saw clearly why we went our separate ways. I'll say the next handful of ex's that popped up durning this planetary mayhem felt pretty similar. As if we weren't parallel in our present lives like we once were.

Then Cici, the New York City beau from last year materialized. He asked if we could "be friends". Of course I said yes. BUT I did need to say 'No' when he asked if there was a potential chance of it being more, one day. Okay, I didn't say "No" as firmly as I just made it sound. I said; for right now the answer is 'No' because we are not even close to being on the same level. AND that I can't answer for the future because the future isn't here yet. Cici understood and we are currently adapting into a friendship.

The next ex I bring up here in My dating blog is a young gentlemen that spend about 6 months with right around the time I got My hysterectomy. You can read more about that time in A Dating Mistress: My Birthday Monday January '22 (Read HERE), if you want. Anyways, he reached out, apologized for how we ending things and then told Me he had a few dreams about Me. He's dreams were pretty spot on too.

Then he wanted to talk about "Twin Flames". Which you all are aware of these words if you've been keeping up with Me in this blog series. He wanted to know what My take on the Twin Flame concept was at the current moment. I told him "Fully believing in Twin Flames would imply that humans are born into the world with half of a soul. Which is much like Christians believing babies are born into original sin."

I shared with him that the idea of Twin Flames is a myth. A story with a deeper meaning and lessons. Similar to the Bible. AND no I don't care if I get backlash on that example.

SONG: "Wildflowers" by Tom Petty (Listen HERE)

Now for the last ex I would like to mention before signing off is the one that I refer to as My "Twin Flame" in A Dating Mistress Blog. Yep, he showed up BUT only in passing at the Portland airport. No, W/we didn't stop to chat. He did make intense eye contact with Me and My youngest daughter. My kid asked Me "Why did that man stare right into My eyes?" I announce who he was and My kid said, "Wow, that was like forever ago." I agreed and we moved on to the ticket counter.

*Side Note: The Apple Watch this guy gave Me almost 5 years ago now, was tucked away in My carry on luggage. AND I happily regifted it to a dear friend in Manhattan a few days after the airport incident.

SONG: "Time to Move On" by Tom Petty (Listen HERE)

The night after the airport occurrence, I had a dream about My Twin Flame. I can't really explain the dream other than the highlighted scene. I was in a room filled with My family, My Twin Flame and the women he left Me for. They were all humiliating Me. Then the "other women" pulled Me a side just to embarrass and shame My Twin. Of course, this was only a dream BUT My dreams DO give Me messages. AND I got the message.

Not too long ago, My therapist asked Me if I still wanted to date. I said "No." I told her I was content with dating Myself. That's when it sunk in, I've finally taken on the "lead role" in My life. Which puts Me in a spot of contemplation. Do I continue to write A Dating Mistress: "I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones OR is it time to end this Era?

SONG: "Last Dance with Mary Jane" by Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers (Listen HERE)


YOUTUBE: "The Twin Flame Journey" by Elevated Forces (Watch HERE)

Photo's taken Summer of 2023 in Manhattan NYC

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