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A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 4

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


SONG: "Lover of Mine" by Louyah (Listen HERE)

This dress though. It's Frida Kahlo. She is amazing and that's an understatement. I got this dress for $23 dollars. Good buy.

This outfit reminds Me of once upon a time while traveling around Mexico and Central America I took a well worth detour for lunch at Frida's house (View HERE). By far it's one of My favorite museums I've ever visited throughout My life. A close second would be the Mona-Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart Tasmania Australia (View HERE).

Back to Frida for just a sec. She was married to Diego Rivera. Another amazing, political and influential artist of the times. The two had a very public relationship. A real power couple. They also had an "open" relationship. Diego publicly openly dated Frida's sister while Frida openly slept with her doctor. I love it when I find examples of non-monogamy in history.

SONG: "On & On" by Erykah Badu (Listen HERE)

The summer came to a blazing halt. The Pacific Northwest fire season has made for hazy days in Portland Oregon. My kid and I have been spending time inside with food delivery and streaming entertainment on the living room TV. By the way the recent home remodel (I speak of in the last 2/3 blog posts) to My Portland townhouse have been a bright face-lift.

As the end of summer fires destroy the West coast, My personal fires are destroying My past self and blazing Me a new path. A newer version of Me is emerging from the ash. AND when this happens you know what comes next. Yep, a website revamp. Check out the company I hired to help Me with the reboot of Monday Jones dot com.

Pin-Up Portland (View HERE).

SONG: "Wait" by Ying Yang Twins (Listen HERE)

I have had some major relationship shifts that occurred this fire season. My Italian boi Friend and I haven't been talking. It just simmered out. I'm not mad. My sub violet and I are on a heavy pause with no end in sight. Also, not mad. However, I will say the shift was abrupt and super unexpected.

I do know it's all for mother fucking good reasons. AND I am still sorting through the ashy fall out.

I'm sure if you been following Me for a minute you are aware of My new love CiCi. If you are not caught up, and you want to get yourself there:

1. A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 1 (Read HERE)

2. A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 2 (Read HERE)

3. A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 3 (Read HERE)

Before I start sharing My up dates in regrades to CiCi and Me, I feel the need to divvy out an up date with My family drama. If you did read the last 3 blogs you would know about My redheaded cousin who just lost her mother. By the way, I totally made plans to attend the funeral. BUT I wasn't too upset when My oldest daughter got sick. I thought about going with My youngest child in tow. BUT when I pitched the idea to them, they said "Why? I didn't even know you had an aunt till a month ago."

That's fair. So, I canceled the trip taking a $400 bite in cost. That's what I fucking get for making travel plans during a Mercury retrograde. Speaking of retrograde, there's 6 planets in retrograde at the time of Me writing this blog entry.


SONG: "Lose Yourself" by Eminem (Listen HERE)

My pretty redheaded cousin called Me a few weeks back. She told Me that My mother wanted Me to know that My father has received a death sentence of 3 to 6 months to live. I saw this before I saw this. Years ago. I also see My mother following shortly after her husbands death.

Yes, grief is present with this news. However, I'm not sure if it's what most people would imagine. I'm first mourning for My cousin who just had to bury her Mother. Never a desired task. Then I mourn for My mother who is losing her person. My parents have been together since My mother was 15 years old.

No, I'm not really grieving My father. No, I don't feel detached. No, I'm not worried by My response. No, I will not force My course. I do know that not everyone emotes grief the same.

In many ways, I feel like I've been grieving both of My parents all of My life. I remember crying to the thoughts of them dying at the age 7. Plus, with each stage to total estrangement with My parents, had their own depth of suffering and heartache. In truth, My parents are already dead to Me...

SONG: "Ms. Jackson" by Outcast (Listen HERE)

Warning what I have to say next is vulnerable. Even though My body never forgot, My conscious mind has just recalled the sexual abuse I have received from My father. You see, shortly after I got My hysterectomy in December of 2021, I've been receiving flash backs of moments where My father was very sexually inappropriate with Me while growing up. It almost feels like My uterus stored the damage of the trauma and as soon as the organ was removed the visual memory's blazed in.

*Body keeps score

I approached My father through a written letter snail mail style and asked if he was ever sexually inappropriate with Me. The response wasn't good. My parents told Me I made it up, that blood is family no matter the rights and wrongs, and I owe them for abandoning them. Yeah, um okay. AND this is just a small example of My interaction with My family.

By the way, the recall in memories explains sooooooo fucking much of My story for Me. Duh, I know this is completely fucked BUT with a slight perspective change (and the self work through somatic therapy) I see how relevant ALL OF IT is and how important the information has been on My journey.

JUST WOW! I feel really exposed. I just revealed Myself.

SONG: "Slow Up" By Jacob Banks (Listen HERE)

Okay moving on. Yep, that's all I want to share on the topic of My family. For now. Maybe more will be said as I sort through the ashes of My burnt baggage.

My panties are red in this particular photo set. I'm sure you're conscious of this, if you're paying attention to the pictures in the blog. I purchased this set of lingerie from one of My favorite Manhattan lingerie boutiques; Journelle (View HERE). I like the location on the Upper Eastside at East 3rd and 73rd.

I just bought My future ex-girlfriend, Cricket a sweet little lavender bra and panties set. We have a double photo shoot at the end of September. If you don't know who Cricket aka redheaded stripping tattoo artist is, go read up.

Quick up dates in regrades to Me dancing at The Sandy Jug in Portland Oregon. Yes, I'm still there. I'm just wrapping up My summer vacation. My next shift is Monday September 26th at 4-10pm. You'll find My stripping schedule posted on My social media weekly.

PS I'm getting a pole installed in My living room as I wrote the paragraph above. I love My life, just saying.

SONG: "Who Will Save Your Soul" by Jewel (Listen HERE)

Now that the summer is over and the weather is turning in the Pacific Northwest, I'm feeling less comfy with My 1975 Chevy Nova SS as My daily driver. Don't get Me wrong I love driving her. AND I am so turned on when I turn her on. BUT in truth, the bitch ain't safe on the fucking wet roads. Cunt! *I just love the word "CUNT".

Before parking her for the winter, I've been attending local "Car & Coffee" meet ups. Taking the kid and My fur babies Po Po Tiny and Bruce. It's been fun shooting the shit with the other classic car enthusiasts. The meet ups are earlier. So thank goodness coffee is part of the social gathering. You will find the year round meet up schedule on Portland Cars & Coffee (View HERE).

SONG: "One More Night" by Michael Kiwanuka (Listen HERE)

This is where I circle back around to CiCi and Me. Funny, now that I'm here, I don't want to talk about it. Maybe I'm hesitant to share because I'm still trying to find the words to articulate how I feel over all in this partnership. That's real.

CiCi is married with 3 children. Yes, him and his wife are ethically non-monogamous. The thing is though, our experience levels are dramatically different when it comes to actively participating/practicing polyamory. My 30 years to his 1 year. Without question this is noticeable BUT by no means has it gotten in the way of CiCi and I developing a secure, healthy attachment style relationship.

If anything this mismatch in experience levels is providing Me some clarity I've been seeking. I'm not only educated, I also have the life knowledge to offer direction and guidance in the dynamic of non-monogamy. I currently offer counsel and life coaching in the realm of BDSM/alternative lifestyles and yes, polyamory lands under that. Still, it's feeling like it's time to amplify the skill set of an "alternative" counselor.

I do find it fucking hilarious that CiCi is a married man. To outsiders looking in, they would see Me as the other woman. To be honest, I'm pretty sure his wife also views Me as the other woman. I don't blamer her. I have great empathy and compassion for the over all situation. AND opening up a marriage is not only life changing BUT challenging.

In this particular circumstance, I personal do not feel like the the "other woman". In truth, I admire that CiCi is in a committed relationship. AND I know, no matter what, I am My own leading lady. AND I'm doing a fabulous job with maintaining My lead role as an Empress.

SONG: "Mykonos" by Fleet Foxes (Listen HERE)

It's official, Onlyfans has deleted Monday Jones forever. This is wonderful because they finally provided Me with My payouts. This has also pushed Me into launching My membership site. Finally, I know. I have plans for it to be released no later than January 1st. The website build is coming along beautifully.

I'm looking forward to sharing the site with the World Wide Web soon.

Hard Points By Monday

Members Only

I personal like the way it sounds. You'll get access to exclusive content. The true cheeky Me in front and behind the camera. Yep, you got it. You'll have access to all of Monday and Monday's friends...

New York City! I'll be back in the Big Apple October 5th-18th 2022 & November 15th-25th 2022. December dates to be announced.

The Sandy Jug: Monday September 26th, Tuesday September 27th and Saturday October 1st & Monday October 3rd and Tuesday October 4th. Dance shift 4pm to 10pm

*On Tuesday's Cricket and I overlap dances from 8pm to 10pm

New Business Up Date: It's very apparent that I am an entrepreneur. Duh. Anyways, I currently have two conversations rolling with two potential business partners for two different business endeavors. One is a mixed media space/event venue aka My office, in Manhattan. The other is a retreat center/rental and My 3rd property purchase out of the country. The future of My business is exciting!

FYI I am putting together a Fall/Winter tour. Cities and travel dates coming soon!

*Mexico is on the list this year

PS The other day My youngest child showed Me a picture of their schoolhouse crush and guess what, the kid has red hair. Ha! I think the ginger fetish runs in the family.

PSS CiCi and I are in a phase of acceptance. AND one of the biggest things we are coming to accept is that, we need to create music together. We're in the process of fine tuning our first song and co-manifesting our first album.

This is where I sign off. For now. Next time we meet through this blog series, I will be wearing knee high boots. Until then, enjoy the last few summer like days as we all are forcefully pushed into the pumpkin spice EVERYTHING season.


SONG: "Postcards from Italy" by Beirut (Listen HERE)


ARTICLE: There Are Too Many Retrograde Planets in September Including Mercury by Chelsea Jackson (Read HERE)

SONG: "iFeel" by The Sundrop Garden (Listen HERE)

COFFEE: Blue Bottle Coffee *Try 17ft Ceiling (Website HERE)

Photo's by Mark Carolan in Manhattan NY July 2022

Website HERE

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