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A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 2

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


SONG: "The Real Slim Shady" - Eminem (Listen HERE)

Summer is My favorite time of the year. I never want it to end when it's here. I've even lived in places like Maui, Hawaii to experience the summer-like weather all year long. As stated in past blog posts I have escaped the awful wet dank winter weather of the Pacific Northwest multiple times by running away to Australia; 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018.

The photo set in this blog is a series of selfies taken at Rockaway Beach in New York City. It was My first time to that area. By the way, I love this hot pink bikini I'm wearing here. It reminds Me of the 80's, even though I wouldn't have worn the color pink in the 1980's.

SONG: "Money" - Cardi B (Listen HERE)

This summer has been fire, and I'm feeling the heat waves. However, I can't believe we are still dealing with COVID. I predict it will be the talk of the town for another 2 years. Yep, you read that right. Keep in mind that's only one person's prediction.

Now, there are outbreaks of Monkeypox and a strain of HIV/Aids that is not responding to medication. The world is a bit fucked up right now. A lot of people are living in fear with this mutation of mankind. Yes, I wrote mutation of mankind. Viruses, bacteria and toxins are the way to DNA evolution. Welcome to the next generation.


I personally don't want to be living in fear. I did too much of that in the first part of of My life and I want a different outcome for the latter half. Knowledge is power, BUT honestly I'm not sure what to believe with the amount of stories going around about COVID, Monkeypox and HIV. What makes Me sad is that I can't even trust the information provided or the resources it's coming from these days.


AND, that last statement does not make Me a Democrat. I'm registered as an Independent. BUT, My voting stats nor how I vote is none of your business, really.

SONG: "WAP" - Cardi B (Listen HERE)

The songs in this blog entry are dedicated to My newfound love of stripping. I'm seriously loving dancing naked for money. 100% FinDom Temptress energy glows from Me when I'm on that stage. I have no shame in stating that! What? I'm cheeky as fuck.

I recently told My chiropractor about My new endeavors of pole dancing and motorcycle lessons. He laughed and joked, "It sounds like a midlife crisis." Of course, I giggled and then replied, "Yeah, I can see how an outsider would be viewing My life decisions right now as a midlife crisis. But if you really knew Me, then you would know that this has been a desired lifestyle for well over two decades. I've just reached a place in My life where I feel mature enough and financially stable enough to execute the lifestyle." He smiled.

I have some disturbing news. I have a stalker. AND I'm about to expose the fucker that's disrupting My life in Portland, Oregon. It's actually fairly common in My line of work. Breaks My heart to write that last sentence, BUT unfortunately it's true. He's been stalking Me since 2017. It started out with short messages here and there throughout the years. Then he got more aggressive over time.

I found out that this Portland stalker has a police record and has many restraining orders in place by multiple adult entertainers in the Portland area. The fucker victimizes people that do not have a save outlet to report. You see, I am not in a safe place to go to the police because of My chosen lifestyle/career. There's too big of a risk that I will be the one getting prosecuted, even thou I'm the one getting harassed, threaten and stocked.

YES! The system is fucked and this is how sex workers get murdered...

The stalker's full name is Zackary Warren Young. He is a homeless man in Portland, Oregon. The last email address he used was:

So fans, if I show up dead, please let authorities know that Zack might be a subject. I know that comment was a little dark, but real. My fear is legit. Sex workers, especially transgender sex workers in the adult industry, have the highest murder rate in world. Prostitution is the oldest career, and it still has no safety, no regulations and a high association with human trafficking.


SONG: "Continuum" - Tanerélle (Listen HERE)

My Italian boi friend and I are discussing couples therapy. His anxious attachment style provokes My avoidant attachment style. If you're not aware of attachment theory, here's a great book for you: Attached: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How It Can Help You Find - and Keep - Love by Amir Levine (View HERE). If you are non-monogamous, I would suggest the book Polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Nonmonogamy by Jessica Fern (View HERE). Anyways, I think couples therapy would be good for us.

This summer has brought many changes thus far. Some that I wanted, others that I didn't and some I didn't know I wanted.

I'm still looking for the Manhattan office/mixed media space that I mentioned in A Dating Mistress: May Flowers 2022 (Read HERE). I'm talking to My friend about possibly joining Me as a business partner in the adventure. He's the Greek God associated with number 69. I wrote about in A Dating Mistress: Spring 2021 (Read HERE). *Those are his legs next to mine in the photos above.

I've been remodeling My Portland, Oregon townhouse. It's quite the project! I'm doing most of it Myself. It's lots of interior painting, new lighting in the kitchen and maybe some wallpaper in the bathroom. I'm already looking forward to it being done, BUT I still have another 4-6 months of work to go.

I'm still working on My membership website. Which honestly will take time. I'm trying to go through loopholes on some of the legalities. Of course the site will be legit. THE best part of My own membership site is that I receive 100% of the profit.

I'm still day dreaming of property number 3. Yes, I'm imaging it in a warm location like the Mediterranean, as mentioned in A Dating Mistress: Goodbye Winter Hello Spring 2021 (Read HERE). I've added the Gulf of Mexico to places to research. I'll keep you all posted.

SONG: "Smoke Weed Eat Pussy" - Ängie (Listen HERE)

I've been definitely thinking about eating pussy lately. Maybe more than I want to omit. The redhead from the blog entry before this one A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 1 (Read HERE) is taking up rent space while masturbating these days. No, not My redheaded cousin. Come on people, incest is not My thing!

The redheaded stripper tattoo artist is the one living rent free in my head. Funny thing, though, the two of them, My cousin and My crush share the same day of birth: December 1. Another odd thing: My cousin's husband shares that same date of birth with Me: January 26th. Serendipitous, I guess.

Fuck, anyways! I love eating pussy. I love smoking pot. So, yeah the last song suggestion is a fantastic song to dance to while taking off off My clothes for money.

SONG: "Glory Box" - Portishead (Listen HERE)

Update with My subs: pay pig, sub violet and subbie boi. The pig is still paying My bills and doing a lot of the painting in My remodel. sub violet and I are preparing for a back-to-school "all gurls" event at the end of September. subbie boi is still doing their duties as a co-parent to My boys Po Po Tiny and Bruce. Mistress life is fabulous!

Update with My new Beau in New York City: Let's name him, Cici. I introduced him in A Dating Mistress: Summer '22 Part 1 (Read HERE). At the time of writing this blog, he's out traveling with family. We've been emailing while apart. It feels a bit old school, AND I like it. Our writings back and forth have been formulating possible song lyrics. Creatively collaborating with a lover has been refreshing.

We've decided to make some agreements with one another. Not rules. More like a concord. We felt that this would be a helpful way to guide our well-orchestrated duo.

My Agreements with Cici (aka NYC Beau)

  1. Support each other without judgment

  2. Freedom to be ourselves

  3. Use transparent, respectful communication

  4. Be honest

  5. Ask question because there's no room for assumptions

  6. Mutually beneficial

  7. Freedom to change our mind at any time

  8. Have an interdependent dynamic

  9. Practice safe sex

  10. Support each other's sexual expression and exploration

  11. Create a healthy securely attached partnership

  12. Respectfully state and honor each others boundaries

  13. Laugh often

  14. Check in often

  15. In conflict, use conflict resolution & emotional regulation skills

I personal love agreements. That way I know what W/we just signed up for. AND a great resource to stay on the same page in the dynamic.

To be continued...

SONG: "Boys" - Lizzo (Listen HERE)

Last but not least! New York City, I will be taking the month of August off from traveling. August is My favorite time of year to be in the Pacific Northwest. I have My kids to hang out with, My dogs to chill with, and some joints to smoke. Plus, I have a remodeling project on My hands.

I'll be back in the city September 7-11 & October 8-15, 2022, but dates are subject to change. I'm discussing traveling with the redheaded "crush" in either November or December, AND yes we would be offering duos.

Portland, I'm taking some much needed time off from visiting with clients one-on-one. You'll still find Me dancing, aka stripping, at the Sandy Jug. (My schedule will be posted on My social media.) Besides all the things listed above, I've got plenty of administrative tasks to be done: a website to revise ( and a membership site to build (HardPoints by Monday).

Any-who, I'll be back in the fall. Enjoy your summer! Know I will be enjoying Mine...

SONG: "Summer Time" - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (Listen HERE)


BOOK: Boundaries Updated and Expanded Edition: When to Say Yes, How to Say No, to Take Control of Your Life by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend (View HERE)

TED TALK: How Dogs Love Us by Dr. Gregory Berns (Watch HERE)

YOUTUBE: Brain Dysregulation: How to Know If It's Happening (and What to Do About It) by Crappy Childhood Fairy (Watch HERE)

YOUTUBE: Balancing Love & Desire by Esther Perel (Watch HERE)

SHOW: How to Build a Sex Room (View HERE)

SHOW: The Principles of Pleasure (View HERE)

Selfies taken on July 31, 2022

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Xavier Rieder
Xavier Rieder
Aug 09, 2022

Thank you for who you are! To live in fear is a hell of a thing, to push someone towards that is a true sin.

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