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A Dating Mistress: Winter Solstice '22

Updated: Sep 12, 2023


"I've always been the Mistress & now it's time for Me to take the lead role!" -Ms. Monday Jones


SONG: Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

(Listen HERE)

The song above is by far My favorite holiday song of all times. The lyrics seem suiting for a Femdom. To be transparent, I'm a bit of a sucker for holiday music. I usually start listening on Thanksgiving day all the way through New Years Days.

So, yeah the last blog post A Dating Mistress: Fall '22 Part 2 (Read HERE) was a bit intense if I do say so Myself. I mean, Typhoons and Tsunamis are no joke. They are major natural disasters that can cause massive damage. I'm sure if I was being honest with Myself, I would have seen the warning signs BUT I total ignored the storm siren's whistles.

I'm not going to lie to you, the sadomasochist in Me personally enjoyed the emotional stormy weather. Navigating My sailboat through the challenges of the rough seas. I do recall some calm moments sitting in the tide pools in the aftermath of the tidal waves. Truly observing the external conditions as much as the internal domain. Something that dawned on Me while soaking in My saltwater bath was; emotions are a luxury.

Most people don't have the time, resources and/or energy to really take the space to genuinely process their emotions. Introspection is not easy, and hard for some to grasp. It's much easier to look outside of oneself to blame the state of affairs. BUT not Me. I'm fully aware that I'm the one creating My experience and I want to take full responsibility for My role in the collective.

SONG: Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree by Chris Iassk (Listen HERE)

You liking the photo's so far? Yeah, I thought you would. The orange is dynamite. Pin Me Up Portland (View HERE) did a great job with My revamp. I will definitely be working with them again. AND I hope soon...

The displacement from the Tsunamis put Me behind on a few tasks and made Me revise a lot of the desired plans. Duh. So, the Membership site HardPoints by Monday might be launching around My birthday rather than the original release date of January 1st. No worries though, My birthday is shortly after the New Year at the end of January.

*I'll make sure to up-date My website pics before then.

SONG: Blue Christmas by Michael Bublé (Listen HERE)

One of the many decisions I had to make over the last 2 months was in regards to My wish for a Manhattan office space. The prices in the city are going up and I just can't find a piece of property that will fit all My requirements for the space I want. I've had plenty of conversations with My partner in crime that's attached to this particular business project. We came up with an alternative plan that will still put us in a spot to execute the events we want without the overhead cost.

I'm looking forward to this next Manhattan adventure and business endeavor. I'm partnering up with the Greek God associated with the number 69. I speak about him in A Dating Mistress: Spring 2021 (Read HERE). I really couldn't have asked for a better match for the portion of My career journey AND well in My life too.

SONG: All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey (Listen HERE)

My fur baby Bruce spent My December travels with Me in New York City this year. He makes a fabulous city dog even if he looked a little bit country with his very messy out grown hairdo and Pendleton wool coat. Pendleton always reminds Me of the Pacific Northwest. I love wearing their flannel shirts, wool hats, and wrapping up in their cozy blankets on cold winter days.

Speaking of cold winter days. I'll be visiting Montreal Quebec Canada for the first time in January 2023. January 10th through 13th to be exact. I know, like why the hell would I want to go there in the dead of winter.

SONG: Let it Snow by Dean Martin (Listen HERE)

I actually got asked to be a special guest on a live recording of a comedy show I never even heard of. BUT somehow the producers of the show found Me. They thought My Topless Tarot Manyvids clips were pretty funny. They asked Me to come on the show to read tarot. No, unfortunately I won't be topless.

Funny thing, at first I thought this was too good to be true and skeptical it was a scam. Well, it turns out to be a legit gig. Plane tickets and hotel itinerary sit in My inbox as I'm writing this. AND I'm feeling pretty honored to have been selected.

SONG: Baby, It's Cold Outside by Zooey Deschanel & Leon Redbone (Listen HERE)

Another surprising acknowledgment happened to Me over the last month. I got asked to be a part of a new podcast series that's coming out in the new year by Outside Magazine. The podcast is called Daily Rally. I shared an inspirational story about My running career. I talk about My first DNF (Do not finish) at a 50 mile Ultramarathon.

I tapped out at mile 31. The DNF also happened in My 31st year of My running career. The DNF thought Me, it's not about where you finish BUT how you finish. Seriously, such a blessing to been seen and heard. Of course, when My episode is published, I'll provide My fan base a link. Looking forward to sharing.

SONG: My Favorite Things by Kelly Clarkson (Listen HERE)

For the Winter Solstice this year My Children and I gathered at My Portland townhouse. We had a night full of holiday movies, pizza and crafting. We made tree ornaments for My oldest's Christmas tree. It's her first year celebrating on her own with her partner. I'm elated for her.

I recall My first holiday away from home. I was 17 years old and spent it with My high school sweet heart aka My first husband. He actually proposed to Me that year. We went back country skiing in British Columbia Canada. We spent the night in a cabin that over looked a small iced over lake at the top of the mountain. The next day skied down to tell our families of the engagement.

*By the way, our families weren't all that supportive of the union.

SONG: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch by Dr. Seuss (Listen HERE)

Crap, I really hope My kids boyfriend isn't planning on proposing to her this holiday season. We don't even live in a day and age where marriage is necessary. AND she's so young. Ok, not as young as I was BUT still. However, I know very well, if and when she does decide to get engaged/married (or anything really), I will support her no matter what AND I will keep My lips locked about My personal opinions.

Fuck! Being a parent is not a glamorous job. Not sure why I'm referring to parenting as a "job". It's not like parents get cash currency for their children. Well, other than tax credit in the United States. Oh yeah, some other countries do have government funding for new parents, like Denmark. BUT that is no reason to have a baby.

SONG: Ave Maria by Maria Callas (Listen HERE)

Holiday Plans:

Winter Solstice in NYC with Cici playing music and eating comfort food

Christmas Eve in NYC with My Greek God enjoying music at Smalls in Manhattan

Christmas Day in PDX with Jake Ray from the Cowdogs (Listen HERE) playing music and a holiday drive in My

1975 Chevy Nova SS

New Years Eve with My Children and fur babies; Po Po Tiny & Bruce in Portland

SONG: Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano (Listen HERE)

Now for a dating up-date. To be honest, Cici is the only one I want to address in this blog post. Again, we are doing more than great. Really healthy, strong and secure. BUT him and his wife are not. The transition from a closed to an open marriage has taken its toll on those two.

By no means do I envy their adjustment. AND, I'm defiantly mindful of the energy. I mean how could I not be. Energy is My first language.

SONG: Ave Maria by Maria Callas (Listen HERE)

Non-Monogamy is not for everyone. Nevertheless, we humans do have the capacity to love more than one person at a time. For real, parents don't just toss aside the 1st born child after the 2nd is birthed. Could you imagine?

My pretty redheaded cousin, that I've been talking about for awhile now in this blog series, just opened her 20 year marriage. Adultery played a role in the conversion. Not ideal but it happens more than it's publicly talked about. AND My cuz and her husband made a conscious effort under the support of a couples therapist and individual therapy to become a victorious poly couple.

SONG: Christmas is Coming by John Denver & The Muppets (Listen HERE)

These metamorphoses are possible and can end with great success. It takes heaps of personal work. Which I've mentioned more than once here, that not everyone knows how to put in the labor for personal development and/or improvement.

Hey, just a little reminder before I sign off. My 43rd birthday is coming up. Not sure how I'll be celebrating this year BUT something tells Me I'll keep you in the loop. My birth date is on January 26th to be precise. Yes, I am an Aquarius. Fun fact about Aqua babies; they have a tenancy to thinking through their emotions. Ha!

To be continued...


YOUTUBE: Balancing Love & Desire by Esther Perel (Watch HERE)

ALBUM: Charlie Brown Christmas (Listen HERE)

TEDTALK: How Dogs Love Us by Dr. Gregory Berns (Watch HERE)

TEDTALK: The Most Important Lesson From 83,000 Brain Scans by Daniel Amen

(Watch HERE)

Photo's taken November 2022

By Pin Me Up Portland

Instagram HERE

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Juju Chester
Juju Chester
Dec 23, 2022

There is such a winter coziness pattern through your writing, I enjoyed my time with your writings and in your presence.


That is a fantastic photo series! Also enjoyed your thoughts as always.

Wishing you Joy and wellness and peace always.

xoxo JeffE.

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